Reflexion kicked off Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s 2016 schedule with no shortage of both excitement and controversy.

Similar to the way 2015 ended, 2016 began with an invasion. In December, it was merely the return–and revenge–of Creepshow. However, with the additions of Vendetta Pro alumni Jimmy Ray and Diskord–not to mention, a blatant announcement from the group saying as much–it is clear that Vendetta Pro is being invaded by San Luis Obispo group Cen-Cal Pro Wrestling. The fledgling company was launched last year by a group of Vendetta Pro Wrestling Alumni looking to go their own direction–or so we were led to believe. The leaders of the organization–which include Creepshow, Diskord and Jimmy Ray–have, on consecutive events, intruded upon Vendetta Pro and have attacked Billy Blade and now, Sunami. Their intrusion, which borders on criminal, has cost Sunami the NWA Tri-Force Championship. This was no accident, as the “Cen-Cal” group have accused Sunami of turning his back on them. It will be interesting to see what civil and legal ramifications–if any–arise from these repeated trespasses and assaults.


As mentioned previously, the NWA Tri-Force Championship has a new holder in “California Black Sheep” Mike Rayne. Rayne has previously held one-half of the NWA Western States Tag Team title, and was ranked as #2 Contenders in the World by the National Wrestling Alliance for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Rayne also holds one of the longest title reigns in the history of Professional Wrestling, with over ten years as the Underground Empire Wrestling Eastern Pacific Champion. This is his first singles title in Vendetta Pro Wrestling. Rayne is the 14th Tri-Force Champion.



The NWA Western States Tag Team Championship also has new holders in the team of Cyanide and Vintage Dragon, The Von Dooms. The Dooms defeated the teams of The Ballard Brothers, Midnight Delight members Richie Slade and Billy Blade, and then-reigning Champs Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro, The Classic Connection. This is Cyanide’s first title in Vendetta Pro Wrestling, while it is the second for Vintage Dragon who is a former NWA Tri-Force Champion. This is also the landmark tenth Tag Team title held by The Von Dooms. They are the 13th Tag Team Champions in Vendetta Pro.



The Interim Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship also changed hands at Reflexion, as SoCal Crazy defeated “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury to become the 16th Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion–albeit in Interim status. This is SoCal Crazy’s second title reign in Vendetta Pro Wrestling, having held the ninth Tri-Force Championship. SoCal Crazy had a previous submission victory over Luxury at Shamrock Slam 2013, and is the only competitor in Vendetta Pro history to have wins over both Luxury and Little Cholo.



Ricky Ruffin was the only competitor to defend his title at Reflexion and leave with his title reign intact. Ruffin defeated NWA World Tag Team Champion and former two-time NWA Western States Heavyweight Champion Matt Riviera by disqualification. Riviera used his gold chain as a weapon, striking Ruffin in the throat in an attempt to steal Ruffin’s title. However, referee Sparkey Ballard caught him in the act, and called for the disqualification. Ruffin required some assistance to the locker room area where he would receive some medical attention. Ruffin is said to be OK, but has minor trouble speaking which should clear up over time. Riviera was fined an undisclosed sum, not that “Mr 5.5” will miss it much.


Full event results, plus results from The 2016 Vendetty Awards will be posted very soon.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling would also like to send congratulations to the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion, John Saxon, who won the vacant title this last weekend at NWA Mid South.