April Cruels Day 2017 did not have a single championship match on the card, a rarity for a Vendetta Pro event. However, all of the titleholders were prominently featured in a single match, as The Conglomerate took on five members of the Vendetta Pro roster that, as far as up until they were standing in the ring, they weren’t aware of. Joseph Duncan, Commissioner of Vendetta Pro and Executive Director of The Conglomerate, even stated that as he was standing inside the ring, nobody had signed on to face them. Whether that was true or not, five men did come out to take on his order: R.J. Cruz, Richie Slade, Billy Blade, Ricky Ruffin and Warpig Jody Kristofferson.

Following the intense battle through the Five-For-Fighting Elimination Tag Team match, the last survivors were the Tri-Force Champion Vintage Dragon and the Western States Champion Rik Luxury. The Conglomerate had prevailed. Warpig Jody, the last survivor for the opposition, had earlier taken a nasty spill head-first into the ring steps outside, and this clearly had an effect on him as he attempted to win with the odds stacked against him. Luxury and Dragon stood tall, but as Vintage Dragon soon stated, they may have won the battle, but they have yet to win the war.

To the surprise of everyone, Vintage Dragon then connected with a surprise Superkick that laid out Rik Luxury, making a clear statement that he is not Conglomerate. However, with his now former opponents down, The Conglomerate came out to ringside. Fortunately for Dragon, his former opponents weren’t quite as worse for wear as they had led on, and they eventually turned the tables on what was looking to be a Conglomerate clean-up of their former colleague.

To make matters worse, one man who nobody expected to be there came out to ringside: Donovan Troi.
The former lawyer and manager of Rik Luxury–who had learned that while he thought he had been acting in the best interests of his then-client, he was actually unknowingly serving The Conglomerate until he was actually fired by Duncan–came to the stage to announce that the numbers have now been equaled out in the boardroom as well! Troi announced that he had been appointed by NWA Director of Operations James Beard as the new Ambassador to the NWA, specifically assign to Vendetta Pro. This revelation drastically reduces the power wielded by Duncan and The Conglomerate. Troi stated that he was going to be a “voice” for the fans and that he would ensure that the talent in the locker room would be treated fairly whether they were part of The Conglomerate or not. It will be interesting to see how things unfold now that Commissioner Joseph Duncan no longer has unchecked power.


However, Duncan did make a fairly significant move just before Troi made his announcement.

On June 16th in Santa Maria, Vintage Dragon will be defending his NWA International Tri-Force Championship against Shane Ballard, and… Shannon Ballard.