Shane & Shannon Ballard have once again claimed the NWA International Tag Team Championship.

James Beard, the Director of Operations for the National Wrestling Alliance, ordered that the NWA International Tag Team Championship be “held up” due to what was deemed to to improper officiating and interference by Vendetta Pro Wrestling Commissioner Joseph Duncan, who made the three count at Reflexion for the Ballards to take the title from The Twisted Sisterz.
This both voided the title win for the Ballards, and effectively vacated the title as it was not returned to The Twisted Sisterz but rather, held in escrow by the NWA. Duncan responded at Februtality by stating that through it is the right of the National Wrestling Alliance to hold up the “NWA International” Tag Team titles, that they have no right to hold up the “Vendetta Pro Wrestling” Tag Team titles. Shane & Shannon Ballard appeared along side Duncan, donning the belts. However, prior to the actual match for the International Tag title, NWA Official D.C. Brown brought out the belts himself and the Ballards entered the contest without them.
Though the match ended without interference or the use of any foreign objects–including using the ropes for leverage–the ending was still not without a small measure of controversy. Thunder Rosa had Shane Ballard pinned, and referee D.C. Brown had made the three count. However, moments later ring announcer Michael O’Garro, Jr. announced that the Ballard Brothers had won the contest and thus, the NWA International Tag Team title. The count that referee D.C. Brown made was for the arm of Shannon Ballard, which was draped over a lying Holidead. While Thunder Rosa and the crowd in Santa Maria had believed that the Twisted Sisterz had regained the title, Shannon and Holidead were in fact the legal competitors in the ring which nullified Rosa’s pin of Shane Ballard.

Februtality 2017 also saw a change of the NWA International Tri-Force Championship, as Vintage Dragon defeated Greg Hernandez and Mike Rayne to claim the title for a second time.

Immediately following his title win, The Conglomerate made their way into the ring. Commissioner Joseph Duncan, The Ballards (wearing the Tag Team belts even though they weren’t officially the Champions yet), NWA Western States Champ Rik Luxury and Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champ Apostle Judah Mathew all confronted the new Tri-Force Champion. Duncan told everybody to relax, and that they were there to discuss business–the business of Vintage Dragon joining The Conglomerate. Duncan stated that this was the first time ever that The Conglomerate had publicly tapped someone for potential initiation into their order. When Vintage Dragon asked for some time to consider the offer, Rik Luxury told him this could be done “the easy way, or the hard way”, but Duncan said that this was a big decision, so he reluctantly granted Dragon some time to consider it but also stated that this was a “one time only offer”.

Following the events of the NWA International Tag Team Championship match, an enraged Thunder Rosa was looking to assault Commissioner Joseph Duncan, when The Conglomerate came out to both stop her, and to teach her “the hard way”. Fortunately for Rosa, a considerable portion of the Vendetta Pro Wrestling locker room came in to run The Conglomerate out of the ring. Vintage Dragon then came through the crowd, and joined those in the ring while The Conglomerate were up on the stage. Dragon proclaimed himself the new “heart and soul” of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, and after giving it some consideration, that the offer to join The Conglomerate was….


To the shock of both the Vendetta Pro Wrestling locker room and the fans, Dragon then left the ring and joined the rest of The Conglomerate on stage. The order then welcomed Dragon in, and together, all of them raised their Championship title belts. Along with the authority of the Office of the Commissioner of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, The Conglomerate now have control of every Championship title contested in the organization.

What, if anything, can Vendetta Pro Wrestling due to stop The Conglomerate?