It was known that Cen-Cal Professional Wrestling had a mystery partner in the Inter-Promotional Six-Man Tag Team match with NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling.

Although Creepshow came into the match with Diskord and RJ Cruz (who had been defeated convincingly earlier in the evening), it was clear that neither of them were the third participant.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling brought out the team of Billy Blade, Richie Slade, and Kadin Anthony. For those who may not be aware, Kadin Anthony is a former member of the Cen-Cal roster who returned home to Vendetta Pro after experiencing the hypocritical business practices of Cen-Cal. During the course of the match, Richie Slade was knocked out by Diskord with the assistance of an aluminum baseball bat. Referee Sparkey Ballard–a neutral man who officiates in both promotions–did not see this assault on the outside as he was extremely busy making an honest attempt of trying to keep some semblance of control in this match

Just as it seemed that Cen-Cal Pro was going to use their typical underhanded tactics to steal a victory and all momentum in this Central Coast Civil War, the heart-and-soul of Vendetta Pro Wrestling made his presence felt, as Sunami–Vendetta Pro’s first-ever Grand Slam Champion–made his way to the ring to ensure that the match was not going to be lost in such fashion.

…or, did he?


Sunami helped Billy Blade get to his feet… only to deliver the F-Su! Sunami, perhaps Vendetta Pro’s most popular star and the first man to have claimed every title in Vendetta Pro–Heavyweight, Tri-Force, Tag Team and Underground–has aligned himself with Cen-Cal Professional Wrestling!

Following the initial shock of this utter betrayal, all of the members of Cen-Cal–now including Sunami–laid waste to Billy Blade and Kadin Anthony–Sunami’s brother!

Just when it seemed all was lost, Vendetta Pro Commissioner Joseph Duncan was able to rally the troops and Vendetta Pro answered in force! Among those on the roster who ran out to stop the attack; Jody Kristofferson, Greg Hernandez, Ricky Ruffin, Cyanide Von Doom, Vintage Dragon, even newcomer Espiritu, among others!

The heart-wrenching betrayal of Sunami may have only served to solidify the rest of the Vendetta Pro locker room

On July 29th, 2016, the war gets taken to the next level, as Vendetta Pro will face Cen-Cal Pro in a Vendetta Vindication “War Games Style” Steel Cage Match!

This last Saturday night, Sunami had these words: