The fans in attendance at this last weekend’s Winter Wonder Slam event will forever think of Black Friday as a day for Professional Wrestling!
At the beginning of the evening, Commissioner Joseph Duncan brought out the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship belt, and informed the Vendettaverse that Little Cholo, Vendetta Pro’s greatest champion of all time and one of the stars of TV’s Lucha Underground, suffered a severe shoulder injury at the latest tapings for the second season. This injury will put Cholo on the shelf for some time. Out of respect for Little Cholo and his latest lengthy title reign–Cholo holds both the longest reigns as Tri-Force and Heavyweight Champion in Vendetta Pro Wrestling history–Duncan stated that Cholo’s reign will be “suspended” at 483 days. On the day that Cholo walks into whatever facility Vendetta Pro Wrestling is running in and is medically cleared to compete, he will begin day 484 as Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.


Until then, a new “interim” Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion has been crowned at Winter Wonder Slam: Black Friday. “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury, representing Pro Championship Wrestling, won the Third-Annual Roland Alexander Memorial California Cup Battle Royal and with it, the Interim Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title. The Runner-up, representing SoCal Pro Wrestling, was former Tri-Force Champion SoCal Crazy. On January 8, 2016 back at the Radisson in Santa Maria, SoCal Crazy will challenge Luxury for the Interim Championship.

Meanwhile, the short-lived NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight title–formerly known as the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Underground title–was on the line in a match with the NWA Western States Heavyweight title also at stake. Vendetta Pro Wrestling had been informed earlier in the day of a clerical error in the contract with Vito Rea–which Rea was at no fault–that would prevent him from challenging for the Western States title at this time. Commissioner Duncan gave the title shot to “Apostle” Judah Mathew, who held the Pacific Coast title and therefore was the logical Number One Contender for the Western States title. However, the Pacific Coast title would also be put on the line in a title-for-title match, guaranteeing Mathew that–win or lose–he would be walking to the ring for the final time as Pacific Coast Champion. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to defeat Ricky Ruffin, who has had a career year in 2015. Ruffin, the first-ever Underground Champion, would also be the one to hold the title–now the Pacific Coast title–for the final time.
The 18-year careers of The Ballard Brothers were on the line as they would compete in the final of a Best of Three series–and that wasn’t even the real story! First, The Ballards struck early on as “someone” (likely The Ballards or someone hired by them) attacked and injured Richie Slade in the parking lot, badly enough that an ambulance was called for him. Needless to say, this put him out of action. Billy Blade was ready to go at it two-on-one in a Handicapped Match, but Commissioner Duncan informed him that this would nullify the career stipulation. Enter Kadin Anthony. The former Vendetta Pro Heavyweight and two-time Vendetta Pro Tag Team Champion showed up to support his “brother” Sunami, but was willing to fill in for Slade to take on his old rivals, The Ballards. This would see the reunion–at least, for a night–of The Rock of Love! During thie match, a security breach occurred when an unauthorized person made it to ringside. This prompted a number of Vendetta Pro Officials and a number of–late arriving–security personnel to go to ringside. During this distraction, Billy Blade was rolled up from behind into an Inside Cradle by Shane Ballard and pinned. Although Shannon Ballard required some medical attention backstage, this victory ensured that The Ballards careers would continue. Meanwhile, at ringside, the unauthorized person bolted in the ring and confronted Billy Blade.

The intruder was none other than former Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion, Sledge! Not only that, but his Creepshow tag partner J.D. Horror also returned, creating a diversion for the security personnel in the back and reportedly taking down at least one wrestler with the assistance of a steel chair. This allowed Sledge to get into ringside. Horror then joined up with Sledge inside the ring. Ironically, Sledge had recently been teaming with Kadin Anthony in Northern California. Now, Sledge and his original partner, Horror, has cost both Kadin and HIS original tag team partner, Billy Blade, a match against The Ballards. The reason why Creepshow–who have no contract or agreements with Vendetta Pro–decided to get involved at this time is unknown. However, it is known that Vendetta Pro Commissioner Joseph Duncan is seeking charges–civil and potentially criminal–against the former Vendetta Pro Tag Team Champions for trespassing, assault and reckless endangerment. More information to come as available.

Results from Winter Wonder Slam: Black Friday.