Ever since the Central Coast Civil War went hot at the end of last year, the animosity between Cen-Cal Professional Wrestling and Vendetta Pro Wrestling has only grown hotter.

Tonight, May 20, 2016, the two organizations will once again engage in combat inside the ring, this time in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

Representing Vendetta Pro Wrestling is the team of Billy Blade, Richie Slade and Kadin Anthony. Blade and Anthony have a long history teaming as The Rock of Love, while Blade and Slade are two-thirds of the current incarnation of The Midnight Delight. Both Blade and Anthony have held the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title. They will be accompanied to the ring by Lady Vayne.

Representing Cen-Cal will be former Vendetta Pro Tag Team Champions J.D. Horror and “The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge. They will be accompanied to the ring by their resident Mutant Cyberpunk, Diskord. But who is the third man? Some have speculated that it may be a man who was recently barred from competing for Vendetta Pro titles. Others have speculated that it may be a four-time World Powerlifting Champion. Others still have speculated it may be somebody Vendetta Pro Wrestling has not seen in years, or in fact, have never seen. Either way, this individual could swing the match in the favor of Cen-Cal, who currently have the momentum working heavily in their favor.


Another Inter-Promotional match between the warring organizations will see Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s only Grand Slam Champion, Sunami, take on a man he originally trained at the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Kayfabe College, Cen-Cal’s R.J. Cruz. To be fair to Cruz, he left the Vendetta Pro Kayfabe College before making his debut on the main roster, so while he could be seen as somewhat of a traitor, he had never actually competed for Vendetta Pro. This doesn’t much matter to Sunami though, as he is the one who trained Cruz during his time in Vendetta Pro’s school, and had nearly completed his training. Tonight, the student meets the teacher.

Doors Open 7:00pm
Bell Time 7:35pm

Radisson Hotel Santa Maria
“Radisson Square Garden”
3455 Airpark Drive

Tickets at the door:
General Admission $15
Front Row $25

For our great fans outside of the Santa Maria, California area, catch the event live via Ustream on the front page of this website.