The longest reigning Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of all-time, Little Cholo, is no longer Champion.

SoCal Crazy - Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

Since joining Vendetta Pro Wrestling in October 2012, Little Cholo has spent that majority of his time holding some sort of title. His second reign as Tri-Force Champion is the longest-ever at 247 days, with a grand total of 395 days as Tri-Force Champion over two reigns. The man who ended the first reign? SoCal Crazy.

At VendettaVersary in August, 2014, after being unjustly eliminated from the VendettaVersary Rumble for a shot at the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title by “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury, Cholo was given an immediate opportunity to claim the title when Commissioner Joseph Duncan ruled that since Luxury used numerous underhanded tactics (as well as The Classic Connection) to earn the title shot and take the title from Billy Blade, that if Luxury wanted to remain Champion, he must defeat the man who should’ve been the rightful challenger in the first place–Little Cholo. Cholo went on to defeat Luxury for the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title, and successfully hold the title throughout the entire calendar year of 2015. Ironically, it was just days later following Vendettaversary 2015 that Cholo would pass “Sexy” Sean Casey for the longest individual Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title reign of all time. Unfortunately, almost immediately after breaking Billy Blade’s record for overall total days as Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion, Little Cholo–a.k.a. Mr. Cisco–suffered a shoulder injury during a taping of TV’s Lucha Underground. Having been a fighting champion during his reign, Commissioner Joseph Duncan states that his title reign would be ‘suspended’ rather than stripping him of the title.

This last Friday, February 26, Cholo returned to the active roster, prepared to defend his title against the Interim Vendetta Pro Champion, the man who ended his first reign as Tri-Force titleholder, SoCal Crazy. It was Cholo’s 484th official day as Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. It would be his final.

SoCal Crazy has become the Undisputed Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. With this win, in his last two matched, SoCal Crazy has defeated the last two men who have held the title undisputed–Cholo and Rik Luxury before him.

Little Cholo is hardly finished though. Catch him Wednesdays on the El Rey Network as part of Lucha Underground! You’ll also see some other familiar faces, such as Joey Ryan, Famous B, El Mariachi Loco, Johnny Mundo and Chavo Guerrero Jr, among many others!

The Era of Crazy has begun. SoCal Crazy.