Purchasing an ad on Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s website is easy!

Send either a pre-designed 468×60 graphic (PNG or JPEG) or the graphics and the layout and text you want to be used (Must be able to fit into a graphic with a width no larger than 468 pixels, and a height no larger than 60 pixels. Graphics can be scaled down if needed.) to:  webmaster@vendettaprowrestling.com

Please allow three business days for submitted graphics, or one week if you need graphics created. We will notify you when your ad is ready, at which point, you can subscribe to have it appear.


Ads to be displayed on the home page on a rotating basis, unlimited impressions, for US$24 for a period of two months. After the two month period, you will need to purchase a new subscription for the ad to be put into the rotation. Please send us the graphics BEFORE purchasing a subscription. If you need a graphic put together, we will notify you when it is ready and will send you an example. In addition, you can have the images and/or link replaced at any time for free during the subscription period.




Dot TK