Heavyweight Championships Unified

Photo by Devin Chen

September To Remember has become known for historic moments.

Whether it’s the crowning of the first-ever Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup winner back in 2011, or the first female team ever to win any version of the NWA Western States (later recognized NWA International) Tag Team title last year, each year seems to create history making moments.

At September To Remember 8, Apostle Judah Mathew was set to defend his Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title against #1 Contender R.J. Cruz.
Cruz earned his top spot by defeating Apostle at Vendettaversary 8 in a non-title match.

However, The Conglomerate would see to it that no such match would take place, as they ambushed Cruz on the way to the ring, and then carried him out as some sort of sacrifice to The Apostle.

Enter NWA Ambassador Donovan Troi.

Troi was left in charge of the full event, due to the schedule conflict which led to Vendetta Pro Wrestling Commissioner–and Executive Director of The Conglomerate–Joseph Duncan being out of town. Troi made the match which would see Apostle defend his title against… NWA Western States Heavyweight Champion “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury, a fellow member of The Conglomerate!
It seemed that Luxury would lay down for Apostle, allowing him to firmly establish himself as the top man in The Conglomerate, and Vendetta Pro. However, this was a ruse, as Luxury would then attempt to pin Apostle to take the Vendetta Pro title for himself!

This led to a fierce battle which may have exposed some loyalty issues within The Conglomerate, but one thing is for certain… we have a new Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and it is none other than the NWA Western States Heavyweight Champion himself!


This means that Rik Luxury is the Unified Vendetta Pro Wrestling Western States Heavyweight Champion! But, what does this mean for The Conglomerate? Will the order get in line behind their new unified Champion? Or are lines being drawn for a potential Civil War between Vendetta Pro’s most powerful faction?