August 8 at Vendettaversary, a match that has been a year in the making will happen as Rik Luxury and Billy Blade will be going at it with all the rules tossed out, and each man’s hair on the line! In addition, former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion and current Bellator MMA fighter Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal will be there as a Special Enforcer, as both men–Luxury in particular–have proven in the past to be less than trustworthy.

Although the tensions from last year at Summer Sizzle V – VendettaVersary between these two has reached a boiling point, the history between these two goes as far back as Vendetta Pro Wrestling itself, when both me were part of “Sexy” Sean Casey’s short-lived outlaw group, The Five Most Wanted. Casey, Vendetta Pro’s first-ever Champion and one of Billy Blade’s best friends, was turned on by Luxury. This would cause the demise of The Five Most Wanted (and the rise of The Midnight Delight) as Luxury would take the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title from Casey at Summer Sizzle 2010. Still, while there was a brewing mistrust from that point on between Luxury and Blade, it wouldn’t break out into open conflict until last year when Luxury stole the victory in the VendettaVersary Rumble, earning himself a shot at Billy Blade’s Heavyweight title. Luxury then sprung the trap on Blade, as Blade was ambushed before the match by Luxury’s then-flunkies, The Classic Connection. Luxury would go on to–momentarily–win the title from Blade, claiming his second Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title. While Commissioner Joseph Duncan gave the rightful winner of the VendettaVersary Rumble, Little Cholo, an immediate shot at Luxury’s newly-won title–which Cholo would go on to win and, to date, still holds–this did nothing to cool things down between Luxury and Blade.

At Reflexion 2015‘s Tournament for the NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship, things continued as they were to meet up head-to-head in the first round. However, Luxury’s valet Thunder Rosa proved to be an effective tool in allowing Luxury to once again steal a victory, eliminating Blade and advancing in the tournament. This, however was as far as he would go, as Blade chased Luxury out of the ring and all around the building, costing Luxury the match in the second round due to count out. Blade would later gain a small moral victory, knocking out a half-clothed Luxury.

During the Melee Tour and at Summer Sizzle of this year, each man was allowed to make a “Special Challenge” match, pitting their opponent for Vendettaversary against someone of their choosing. If either man won their Special Challenge match, they would be allowed to choose the stipulations.  Blade won the coin toss, allowing him to pick the first opponent at Melee 2015 in Lompoc. He selected former WWE Intercontinental, U.S. and Unified World Tag Team Champion Carlito Colon. Carlito picked up the victory in his typical “cool” fashion. This would allow Luxury to choose the opponent for Blade, but if Blade did not win, Luxury would be given the right to choose the stipulations. Ever the opportunist, Luxury elected for Billy Blade to get a shot at the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title against Little Cholo. Blade has stated publicly on numerous occasions his respect for Cholo both in and out of the ring, but this was also the chance that Blade needed to get back what he felt was rightfully his. However, during the match, Luxury would cut in early on his live via satellite feed, distracting Blade which would eventually lead to his loss to Cholo. Following the match, Luxury stated that while he was thinking of a stipulation for their match, he would put his hair on the line against Blade’s and that he would cost Blade his status as a Rock Star. Commissioner Joseph Duncan asked Blade if he was OK with this–not that he needed approval for it–and Blade agreed. Duncan then stated that both he and Blade know well that Rik Luxury likes to “play games”. Therefore, Duncan put in a special enforcer who would not be easily bullied to make sure that the match is legitimate, and that the loser follows through with their wager. That special enforcer would be King Mo Lawal. A couple of weeks later, Luxury stated that he would–perhaps appropriately–throw out the rule book and take on Billy Blade in a Street Fight!

August 8, 2015, Elks Unocal Event Center Rodeo Arena in Santa Maria, California.

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