Here at Vendetta Pro Wrestling, we pride ourselves on providing entertainment for our fans and moments that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

One such moment happened for a kid named Andres. His family decided to celebrate the young man’s birthday by taking him to Shamrock Slam in Simi Valley. Andres is a big wrestling fan, and like many young people, he has his own alter-ego named “Hielo y Fuego”.

Hielo y Fuego. Photo by David Brown.

Hielo y Fuego. Photo by David Brown.

At Shamrock Slam, Hielo y Fuego came to life, and this ten-year-old got to live a dream by making his Professional Wrestling debut by accompanying the popular Vendetta Pro Wrestling Vintage Dragon to the ring, along with Vendetta Vixen and Manageress, Terra Calaway. His entrance came complete with his very own entrance video playing on the TAKTron. Vintage took on Vendetta Pro Wrestling Kayfabe College graduate “The Ace” Buddy Royal–himself just under a year removed from making his own Professional Wrestling debut inside the Vendetta Pro Wrestling ring.

Although the villainous Buddy Royal managed to get his hands on the young man during the match, it was only moments later that Royal took a picture-perfect Spinning Headscissors Takedown from Hielo y Fuego that drew praise from some veteran wrestlers.
In the end, good triumphs once again as Vintage Dragon was successful at defeating the dastardly Buddy Royal, who left the ring humbled while this young man’s dream came true.

Hielo y Fuego, Terra Calaway & Vintage Dragon. Photo by David Brown.

Photo by David Brown


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