At Vendettaversary VII, during the four-way match for the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship, The Twisted Sisterz claim that Thunder Rosa had forced Jimi Mayhem to tap out to the Sleeperhold she had applied. However, the referee had his back turned, as he was counting the pin by Alexander G. Bernard, which gave their team the victory.

After reviewing the footage from multiple angles, NWA Western States Commissioner Joseph Duncan stated that there was no clear evidence to either support or refute the claims made by the team of Thunder Rosa and Holidead, and that the best way to settle the situation is to allow The Twisted Sisterz the opportunity to challenge for the NWA Western States Tag Team titles at September To Remember VII.

“So, after extensively reviewing the footage from as many angles as we have, NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s team have found no evidence supporting Thunder Rosa’s claim that Jimi Mayhem had tapped out during the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship match at Vendettaversary VII.

The good news for her, is that we’ve also found no conclusive evidence proving her claims to be false.

Since the footage is inconclusive, as Commissioner of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, I feel the best way to settle this situation is to give her and Holidead a shot at the Tag Team Championship against Mayhem and Alexander G. Bernard at the September To Remember VII event on September 30, 2016 in Santa Maria, California.”

This will be the first time a women’s team will be challenging for the NWA Western States Tag Team Championships. When asked for comment on this potentially historic event, Duncan stated, “There is nothing to prevent women from challenging for any title under the control of Vendetta Pro Wrestling. If you have the talent, the toughness and a record of winning in professional wrestling, then in my opinion you’re qualified to challenge for titles regardless of gender. They’re going to have a tough challenge in front of them in the form of Bernard & Mayhem, as Bernard is as crafty as they come and Mayhem is literally fighting for his professional life.”



In other National Wrestling Alliance news, Vendetta Pro Wrestling has agreed to extend our licensing agreement with the NWA for another year.

Vendetta Pro Director of Public Relations Joseph Duncan issued the following statement:
“Vendetta Pro Wrestling has come to terms with the National Wrestling Alliance on an agreement to renew our NWA licensing for the year 2017.”

Vendetta Pro Wrestling joined the National Wrestling Alliance in July, 2014.

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is a governing body which has historically been the largest league of independent wrestling promotions in the world, and sanctions various NWA championships around the world including the NWA World Tri-Force, NWA Western States Tag Team and NWA Western States Heavyweight Championships, as well as co-sanctioning the NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. The NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag Team titles are paired with the NWA Western States Tag Team titles.