The NWA Western States Heavyweight title–in it’s various forms and incarnations–has been held by some of the top stars in the history of Professional Wrestling, including the likes of Sputnik Monroe, Dory Funk, Terry Funk, James J. Dillon, Frank Goodish (a.k.a. Bruiser Brody, King Kong Brody), Barry Windham and Larry Zybysko. Many of these men went on to become World Champions and/or Hall of Famers.

The current Champion, “Loverboy” Matt Riviera, won the title in a tournament back in January and has since defended it across the country against some of the top talents in the world. Some of the names include Chris Masters, Brian Kendrick, New Japan and Ring of Honor star Takaaki Watanabe, and both of the current NWA World Tag Team Champions, Elliott Russell and Sigmon. Although he briefly lost the title to Jeff Jarrett–11-time World Heavyweight Champion between WCW NWA and AAA–he captured the title again just two days later.

By hook or (usually) by crook, Matt Riviera has managed to hold on to the NWA Western States title and establish himself as one of the greatest competitors ever to hold it–and that’s saying something, given the names of some of the previous titleholders.

Never one to be short on boldness, this Friday night in Santa Maria at Terror Rising 2015, Matt Riviera is going to give an opportunity at the Western States title to… anyone.

An Open Challenge has been issued for the NWA Western States title at Terror Rising. As has been the case in Vendetta Pro, the challenger could be almost anyone–a top indy star, a top NWA star, an International star, a former TNA Star or WWE Superstar, or just somebody looking to make a name for themselves. Whomever the challenger may be, he or she–it could very well be a woman–would do well to keep in mind the list of top stars in Professional Wrestling that Rivera has already defeated to keep his title.

Could this bold challenge backfire on the “Loverboy”, or will this prove once and for all that Matt Riviera is ready to take on even bigger challenges, perhaps even walking in the footsteps of past Western States Champions who have went on to claim the NWA World Heavyweight Championship?

Find out this Friday night, October 30, 2015 in Santa Maria at the Radisson Hotel at the fifth-annual Terror Rising event!