The First-Annual Vendetta Pro Wrestling Awards–The Vendettys–took place this last Saturday night, and several members of the Vendetta Pro Wrestling roster got together on a rare occasion where it didn’t involve bashing in each other’s heads (although some words were exchanged). Also in attendance were several members of the Vendetta Pro staff, and even Rock Riddle made an appearance in a fashion only he could.

The night started off with an outstanding dinner featuring tri-tip, salad, chili and/or macaroni and cheese (no, not the cheap kind kids usually have).

Then, the awards presentation began:



Terror Rising 2012

This event was one of the largest in Vendetta Pro Wrestling history, both in terms of the number of fans in attendance and the amount of talent on the card.

No shortage of controversy, as the Ballards became the new Unified Tag-Team Champions after a very disputed win over SU/KA in a “Canadian Rules” match. In addition, Billy Blade put hands on Reby Sky, delivering a Twist of Fate to her just shortly before facing her boyfriend, Matt Hardy, in a Hair-vs-Hair Ladder Match.

El Scorpio del Combate made his first appearance in Santa Maria, California, and he did so as Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Champion. He defended the title against SoCal Crazy and Little Cholo in a show-stealing match that was a first-round candidate for Match of the Year.

Speaking of Match of the Year candidates, a finalist for Match of the Year took place between Matt Hardy and Billy Blade, which saw the former WWE Superstar pick up the win, and Billy Blade lose some hair.




The finalists, as voted for by the fans, were 2012 Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup winner “Bloodthirsty Vixen” Amanda, “Sin City Siren” Terra Calaway and the undefeated Davina Rose. Although Amanda won the fans vote outright, Terra Calaway’s body of work over the year gave her the slight advantage which proved to be enough for her to be named 2012 Vendetta Vixen of the Year.

Terra Calaway




Four Finalists were up for this award, as voted on by the Vendetta Pro Wrestling fans: Matt Hardy, former Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Raven, and current Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Chris Masters. The fans have spoken, and your 2012 Vendetta Pro Special Guest of the Year is:

Matt Hardy




Sparkey Ballard, Jay Stone and Donny Brooks were up for this award. However, the vote was merely a formality. By a huge margin, your 2012 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Referee of the Year:

Sparkey Ballard




Almost every Vendetta Pro Wrestling event has at least one thing that makes the fans say, “Wow!” Whether it’s a spectacular move, a spectacular entrance, a spectacular moment or just something that makes you wonder what the heck is going on. As voted on by the fans, three moments were up for the “Wow!” Moment of the year but it was back at Casino Royale 2012 in Las Vegas where that moment took place, as “The Original Mr. Wonderful” Rock Riddle won the Casino Royale Rumble.

Rock Riddle




Three finalists were up for this award as voted on by the fans: Mike Menace, Ricky Ruffin and Sledge. What it came down to was a simple case of having three competitors in which an argument could be made for any of them, while one could not make an argument against them. So – all three men were awarded Co-Breakout Stars of the Year.

Three-Way Tie: Mike Menace, Ricky Ruffin & Sledge




Gold Digger, Raze, Titus Machiavelli and Markus Mac were up for this award. In her short time in Vendetta Pro, the impact that Gold Digger has made was enough for her to edge out the win for 2012 Vendetta Pro Manager of the Year.

Gold Digger




Three great teams were up for this award: Creepshow (J.D. Horror & Sledge), Parental Discretion (Mario Banks & Mike Menace) and SU/KA (Sunami & Kadin Anthony). However, only one of those teams have actually held the Unified Tag-Team Championships, and therefore, SU/KA won the Vendetty for Tag-Team of the Year.





Of all the matches held this year, only three matches made it to become finalists for Match of the Year: J.D. Horror & Bo Cooper from Reflexion 2012, The Tri-Force Championship match between El Scorpio del Combate, Little Cholo and SoCal Crazy from Terror Rising 2012, and the Hair-vs-Hair Ladder Match between Billy Blade and Matt Hardy also from Terror Rising 2012. While two matches were from the last event of the year, it was the main event of the year’s first event that was voted for by the fans and by the panel that votes on the finalists that would be awarded the Vendetty for Match of the Year.

J.D. Horror  & Brawlin’ Bo Cooper



2012 MVP:

This award had not been previously announced. Billy Blade presented the award to Joseph Duncan (who had no idea that the award existed, much less that he was winning it) for contributions to Vendetta Pro Wrestling in 2012.

Joseph Duncan




Sunami. Billy Blade. Rik Luxury. This was another award where an argument could be made for all three, and no argument could really be made against any of the three. However, there would be only one winner. He was a former Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and was probably the hardest working wrestler on the entire roster. He also was one-half of the Tag-Team of the year and a former Unified Tag-Team Champion. He worked back-to-back Championship Matches at Shamrock Slam, and three matches at Terror Dome 2012. The Vendetta Pro Wrestler of the Year is…




There was also a presentation of Certificates of Appreciation and Achievement presented to most of the roster, for a number of reasons. The graduates of Vendetta Pro Wrestling Academy, as well as those who had trained and worked for the old California Wrestling Alliance (complete with CWA logos on the certificates). Also, staff members who had made the events possible throughout the year were also given certificates, including Charlene Collier and Joseph Duncan. Although he wasn’t able to be present, Christopher “TAK” Clark’s contributions to Vendetta Pro were acknowledged.



The Vendetty Awards Banquet was a success, and everyone involved had a great time. Largely out of necessity, most people on the Professional Wrestling Independent Circuit work for multiple promotions. Vendetta Pro is no different in that regard. However, Vendetta Pro Wrestling feels more like a family than a group of workers. This was acknowledged by the Ballard Brothers, who have the most credentials of anybody on the regular Vendetta Pro roster. Vendetta Pro Wrestling would like to thank everyone that came out, everyone who helped to set up the awards banquet, and of course, the fans for voting in the finalists. 2012 was a big year for Vendetta Pro Wrestling. 2013 looks to be even bigger!