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1/22/2012 – Lompoc, California


Vendetta Pro reflects on a great year in 2011, returns to action in 2012.
Su Know It.



LOMPOC (VP) — Vendetta Pro Wrestling made it’s return to Lompoc, California at the Lompoc Veteran’s Hall for it’s first major event of the year, Reflexion 2012.
The first order of business was to decide a top contender for the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. The problem is, there were so many worthy challengers. So, in the best order of fairness, many of those who could lay claim to being a top contender along with others who are worthy of an opportunity to step up were entered into a battle royal! The winner to be recognized as the top contender to the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title.
The next order of business was to give a worthy team the opportunity to, for the first time in Vendetta Pro, challenge for the now Unified All Pro Wrestling / Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag-Team Champions, Dos Perfectos.
Vendetta Pro Wrestling was in need of a new Tri-Force Champion, following the retirement of titleholder Disco Machine. Three men, including a former Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion, would go at it for the right to be called the Vendetta Pro Tri-Force titleholder.
Sunami, who had effectively been cheated out of the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title by Shannon Ballard and Billy Blade, would be looking to make things right as he has once again been granted a shot at the title.
Plus, the culmination of nearly a year’s worth of animosity and hatred, as the up-and-coming hardcore fighter J.D. Horror, and the veteran of extreme warfare, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper. These two men would square off in a bloody, no-holds-barred Lompoc Street Fight.
All this, and more hard-hitting, high-flying and exciting professional wrestling action in front of a capacity crowd. This is Pro Wrestling in 2012. This is Vendetta Pro.



Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title
#1 Contendership

Over The Top Rope
Battle Royal

A traditional-style Battle Royal that would determine a new top contender for the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Among the competitors that took place in this match were Cody Phipps, Sam Knight, Mario Banks, Spectre, Mike Menace, Tenchismo, Sledge, Clay Tawzer, “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury, “Wildside” Vega Velocity, Ricky Ruffin, “Sexy” Sean Casey, “Apostle” Judah Matthew and Gangrel The Vampire Warrior. Participants were eliminated by being thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. In the end, it was the former ECW, WWE & TNA Superstar Gangrel who would be the last man remaining in the ring, winning the match and earning himself a shot at the Heavyweight title.

Winner of the Battle Royal:



All Pro Wrestling / Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Unified Tag-Team Championship

The Carnival of Shadows
Unified Tag-Team Champions
Dos Perfectos
Hernandez ‘Y’ Jimenez

Greg Hernandez ‘Y’ Jesse Jimenez successfully defended their now Unified Tag-Team Championship at All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, California. Now, they’re back in Vendetta Pro with the titles, and All Pro Wrestling has sent two of their most dangerous competitors to challenge for the titles. OMEGA is no stranger to Vendetta Pro, nor is he a stranger to the APW Tag-Team Championship. JECKLES has competed in Vendetta Pro before in a losing effort to challenge for the Tri-Force title, but is a three-time APW Universal Heavyweight Champion, no small feat. Add to that the demented Darkness on the outside, and Dos Perfectos would be facing their toughest challenge to date. In fact, the majority of this match saw Dos Perfectos on the defensive and reeling from the onslaught brought on by the Carnival of Shadows. However, Dos Perfectos didn’t become champions without being crafty–and underhanded–opportunists. Near the end of the match, all four men were involved. Hernandez went to the outside, and grabbed one of the Tag title belts. In the ring, JECKLES nailed Jimenez with his patented “Joke Slam” (Face-first fall-away Choke Slam) and went for the cover while the referee was trying to get OMEGA back into his corner and regain control of the match. OMEGA, seeing what has taken place, but Hernandez tossed in one of the belts without the referee noticing. When the official went to count the pin, he noticed the belt lying next to Jimenez, and had (incorrectly) deduced that JECKLES had used the belt to knock out Jimenez. Immediately, the official called for the bell and declared a disqualification.

Winners as a result of a disqualification
Unified Tag-Team Champions:

Dos Perfectos



Singles Match
Judah Matthew

Former ECW, WWE & TNA Superstar

The Vampire Warrior

Apostle made his way to the ring, stating that he was never officially eliminated from the earlier Battle Royal because while he was thrown out of the ring, it wasn’t over the top rope and therefore, he should be “forgiven” and made the top contender for the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title. He then made an ‘open challenge’ to anyone who was involved in the Battle Royal earlier, in order to prove his point and force his opponent to repent. His challenge was immediately answered by none other than the winner of the Battle Royal, Gangrel!
Apostle did impress with his performance against an opponent with a huge experience advantage, but all it takes is one mistake and it’s all over. In this case, Apostle got caught into a front face lock, which allowed Gangrel to deliver the Impaler DDT to score the win. Gangrel further proved himself as the top contender for the Heavyweight title, but Apostle did look impressive and with a little more experience, may be ready for a title opportunity in the near future.

Winner by Pinfall:


Six-Man Tag-Team Match
The Midnight Delight
“Sexy” Sean Casey, “Rock of Love” Billy Blade & “Wildside” Vega Velocity
w/ Tiana
The Team Of:
Ricky Ruffin
Mucha Lucha
El Mariachi ‘Y’ Tenchismo

For the first time in Vendetta Pro, Tenchismo teamed up with the debuting El Mariachi to team up with the fun loving Ricky Ruffin. Their opponents, The Midnight Delight, featuring former WWE Superstar and Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion Sean Casey, along with Billy Blade and Vega Velocity. As always, joining the M.D. was none other than Tiana. Early on, it seemed as if the M.D. weren’t on the same page, as they were baffled by the Lucha Libre style of Mucha Lucha, and dazzled by the always slick Ricky Ruffin. However, as is often the case, the experience advantage of the M.D. came into play as they were a little better at bending the rules and capitalizing on situations to put themselves into position to win. Sean Casey nailed the Superkick, which allowed for the pin and the win.

Winners by Pinfall:
The Midnight Delight



One-Fall Tri-Force Match
for the vacant
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship

“The Mexican Werewolf”
El Chupacabra

Sheik Khan Abadi

“Wrestling Personified”
Rik Luxury

The Tri-Force title is vacant! Two men making their Vendetta Pro debuts start things off with the opportunity to score some gold! El Chupacabra and Sheik Khan Abadi are two of the most exciting young superstars in Northern California, and they bring into Vendetta Pro plenty of credentials. Joining them in this three-man match was former Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Rik Luxury, who was looking to capture his second Championship title in Vendetta Pro Wrestling. Before the introductions, all three men posed with the belt. Once the match began, it was obvious that the crowd was behind Chupi, whose unique look complimented his unique wrestling style. Sheik Khan Abadi brought to the Central Coast the style for which he is well known in Northern California–an all-out, almost reckless style that is as entertaining as it is dangerous (to both his opponent, as well as himself). Rik Luxury, as always, lived up to his “Wrestling Personifed” moniker, combining his technical ability and brawling prowess with just the right amount of flair and cockiness. In the end, Chupi nailed Sheik with an exciting Rolling Moonsault Side Slam off the top rope known as the Death From Above. Chupi looked to have the match and the title, when from behind, Luxury grabbed him and tossed him out of the ring. Luxury then stole the pin and won the match, securing his second Championship title in Vendetta Pro. You can hate him now.

Winner of the match
and NEW
Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Champion:

Rik Luxury



Singles Match
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
Shannon Ballard

Give Shannon Ballard credit where it’s due – he always has a plan.
Sunami made his way out to the ring first. Then, as Shannon Ballard came out, he asked for the microphone from announcer Joseph Duncan. He then said that he knew Sunami had been waiting for this opportunity, and that the fans in attendance were pumped up for this match. However… the match wasn’t going to happen.
Sparkey Ballard, the referee assigned to this match (which, we’ll get to in a second) came down, wanting to know what was going on. Shannon Ballard then revealed that he had suffered a shoulder injury, as had not been cleared by “the City of Lompoc” to compete in this match. Sparkey asked Duncan, who is also an official with the Office of the Commissioner of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, if this was “legit”. Duncan stated that the Commissioner’s Office had not been notified of this, and that at a very minimum, that they would’ve received a phone call stating that the Champion would not be allowed to compete in an otherwise mandatory title defense. Shannon Ballard stated that he was not going to compete tonight. Duncan stated that if he missed this match, that he may as well hand the belt over now because he would be stripped of the title. With all the conversation going on in the entranceway, in the ring, Sunami was jumped from behind and brutally assaulted by Midnight Delight members Billy Blade and Sean Casey, who came through the crowd. Shannon Ballard, noticing what has taken place, suddenly changed his poistion and stated that he would agree to compete tonight. This drew boos from the crowd, as they could sense already what was going to happen. Again, Shannon Ballard always has a plan, and often, a backup plan. Blade and Casey asked for the bell to be rung, as did referee Sparkey Ballard. The bell rang, and a now-cocky Shannon Ballard laid down upon his opponent, who was lying with both shoulders to the mat. Referee Sparkey Ballard counted… two, when Sunami rolled up an unsuspecting Shannon Ballard for the pin. Referee Sparkey Ballard counted 1-2-3, and then immediately called for the bell — we have a new Heavyweight Champion!
Shannon Ballard was in shock, while Billy Blade and Sean Casey immediately began protesting, both to the referee as well as Duncan. Shannon Ballard soon began protesting as well, stating that he should’ve never been in that match. Friends of Sunami rushed the ring, helping him celebrate his title win. Shannon Ballard and the M.D. were about to get in and assault Sunami, but Su’s supporters kept them at bay, while referee Sparkey Ballard awarded Sunami the title belt. If there were any question on whether Sparkey Ballard would ever unfairly influence a match in favor of Shannon Ballard, that question was answered here. Sunami, who had been cheated out of the title just a month before, had gotten justice with this victory as he is now, officially, the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Champion. The underhanded tactics of Shannon Ballard and the M.D. had backfired.
Official Match Time: 28 seconds.

Winner by pinfall
and NEW
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion:




Vendetta Vixens
Tri-Force Match

The Fabulous

Wrestlicious Southern Belle
Amber O’Neal
ECW’s Prodigette
Angel Orsini

The first-ever Vendetta Vixens Tri-Force Match! ThunderKitty, a throwback to the classic women’s wrestlers. Amber O’Neal, a lovely-but-dangerous bombshell. Angel Orsini, an ECW original from “beneath the surface”.
Early on in the match, it was effectively a two-on-one handicap match as ThunderKitty and O’Neal took turns battling Orsini, and would often double-team her in an effort to make the debuting Vendetta Vixen a non-factor in the match. For awhile, this strategy worked. However, this was a one-fall Tri-Force match, which meant that sooner or later, the alliance would have to break up as only one can win. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to put Orsini away before their partnership broke up, and after recovering while O’Neal and ThunderKitty were going at it, the ECW Original got the pinfall and the win in her Vendetta Pro debut.

Winner by Pinfall:
Angel Orsini



Main Event
No-Holds-Barred Lompoc Street Fight

J.D. Horror
“Rude, Crude & Tattooed”
Brawlin’ Bo Cooper

J.D. Horror has been trying to get at Cooper since April Cruel’s Day of 2011. It was unknown at the time the reason for him interfering in a match between him and Billy Blade, but at Melee 2011, Horror again interfered, costing Cooper a chance at the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title. At Summer Sizzle in Atascadero, Horror revealed that he viewed Cooper as a washed up old man who didn’t know when to quit, while he was here in Vendetta Pro to bring violence back to the sport. Finally, at Terror Rising 2011, Horror–along with Sledge–brutally assaulted Cooper and left him battered and bloodied before being chased off by Cooper’s protege Mario Banks. Cooper then said that they had no idea what they had unleashed.
This match was as brutal and bloody as expected. Plenty of foreign objects were used, including chairs, thumbtacks and barbed wire. Cooper didn’t look anything like an “old man”, but did resemble to old Brawlin’ Bo–a man with a reputation for destroying anyone and anything in his path. J.D. Horror proved himself to be as hardcore as he claimed, but he still had a few things to learn as Bo Cooper managed to outlast him and survive this fight.

Winner by Pinfall:
Brawlin’ Bo Cooper

After The Match:
Cooper took the mic, and began to name off some of the hardcore icons which he has faced, including Supreme, Necro Butcher and others. He gave Horror credit, but said that he was a boy challenging a man. He then said that in doing so, he earned some respect, and in a move that nobody thought would come, the two shook hands.
J.D. Horror left the ring, when suddenly, Sam Knight and Mike Menace rushed the ring and began to assault the battered and bloodied Bo Cooper. In to make the save was Cooper’s protege, Mario Banks, who chased off the two with a steel chair. Then, with Cooper knowing he had some backup, he was ready to get down to business with Knight and Menace. Then, Mario Banks took the chair and… floored Bo Cooper with it! Banks then removed his jacket to reveal that he was wearing a “Parental Discretion” T-Shirt – the very same ones worn by Knight and Menace, who then continued to pummel the big man into the mat, until surprisingly, Cooper was saved by none other than Sledge and J.D. Horror! Less than ten minutes before, Horror was trying to end the career and perhaps life of Cooper, and now, he was coming in to save him! After running off Parental Discretion, Cooper then got on the mic again and said that Horror and Sledge had his back when nobody else did, and that together, they will be known as Creepshow! Now, while the war between Horror and Cooper is now over, look for what might perhaps be an even bloodier conflict between Parental Discretion and Creepshow!