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9/8/2012 – Atascadero, California



Two weeks of Vendetta Pro Wrestling


ATASCADERO, CA (VP) — The third-annual September 2 Remember was one of two events in September for Vendetta Pro, featuring the second-annual Luna Vachon Memorial Vendetta Vixens Battle Royal. Last year, Nikki The New York Knockout won the Lunacy Cup. This year, a whole new crop of Vendetta Vixens would compete for the cup, along with the returning “Bloodthirsty Vixen” Amanda, and former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez.
Former CZW World Heavyweight Champion and Tournament of Death winner “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger made his Vendetta Pro debut, taking on resident hardcore fanatic and one-third of Creepshow, J.D. Horror. This match would definitely go down as the most brutal in the history of Vendetta Pro.
The Tri-Force Championship would be on the line, as “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury would defend against the returning Tyler Bateman and Matt Carlos.
National pride would be on the line, as the Ballards take on SU/KA in a non-title Tag-Team Flag match.
In the main event, Billy Blade would face Brian Kendrick. Billy was looking to pick up more momentum as he gets set to battle Matt Hardy at Terror Rising 2012, but he might lose that momentum if he were to get ‘spanked’ by Kendrick.
Here now are the results of September 2 Remember 2012:



Opening Match
Second-Annual Luna Vachon Memorial
Vendetta Vixens Battle Royal
for the 2012 Lunacy Cup

Featuring The Following Competitors:

Gold Digger

Heather Lynn

Nicole Savoy

Payton Michelle

“The Bloodthirsty Vixen”

“The Sin City Siren”
Terra Calaway

“Ultra Girl”
Brittany Wonder


Former WWE Diva & TNA Knockout

Shelly Martinez

Nine Vendetta Vixens entered. Only one would leave with the Lunacy Cup. This match saw the Vendetta Pro debuts of Gold Digger, Nicole Savoy, Brittany Wonder and Shelly Martinez. Heather Lynn, who participated in the Casino Royale 2012 event as a manager, made her official Vendetta Pro debut. Returning to Vendetta Pro were Raze and Payton Michelle, while Terra Calaway entered into the battle royal as well. Unlike last year, this was a more standard battle royal with all nine competitors starting in the ring.
Before the match, a special video package played on the TAKTron, featuring Luna Vachon. Once the bell rang, the fists began flying–followed soon by women flying over the top rope and to the floor. When it was over, only one woman was left in the ring. That one… was last year’s runner-up.

Winner of the
2012 Lunacy Cup:




Singles Match
Judah Matthew

w/ Titus Machiavelli
“The Metalhead Maniac”

The Apostle has improved greatly over the last year, and now with the devious Titus Machiavelli watching his back, he’s going to be a difficult one to beat in 2013. His opponent has also made great strides over the last year, being acknowledged by the Ringside with Packer program as the 2012 Rookie of the Mid-Year.
This was a battle of two big, strong graduates of the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Academy. While both men are known for their power and brawling ability, they each displayed their technical abilities as well.
In the end, Sledge would not pass by Apostle on this night. Sledge attempted his Pump Handle Slam–the Sledgehammer–but Apostle slipped behind him and got a Roll-Up, along with a handful of tights, for a quick pin and the win.

Winner by Pinfall:
Judah Matthew



In-Between Matches:
Billy Blade and The Ballard Brothers made an unscheduled appearance, and besides their usual taunting and insulting of the fans, they were actually going to attempt to burn a small American flag. That is, until SU/KA came in and ran off the Ballards. Then, from the crowd, Brian Kendrick came in and was about to nail Billy Blade with the Sliced Bread #2. Billy was able to slip out and escape, but the message was sent!



Six-Pack Elimination Match
Julian Cash
The Drunken Irishman
Ricky Ruffin
Joe DeSoul
Sexy Chino
w/ Lollipop
“The Rebel Rouser”
Clay Tawzer

Six men enter. One man leaves with the win. Sexy Chino and Joe DeSoul both made their Vendetta Pro Wrestling debuts in this match, as well as Chino’s valet, Lollipop.
The man favored to win was actually the first one eliminated, as the other five contestants Dog Piled Clay Tawzer to get the pin.
By the end of the match, only one man would remain. That would be the man from Hitsville, USA.

Ricky Ruffin



Ballistic Barbed Wire Massacre Match
J.D. Horror

2011 IWA-MS King of the Deathmatch Champion
“The Psycho Shooter”
Drake Younger

If the title of the match doesn’t tell you what kind of match this was, pretty much nothing else will.
There was blood–lots of blood. There was barbed wire–lots of barbed wire. There were thumbtacks, trashcans, chairs, and various other “toys”.
J.D. Horror established himself as a man to be watched in the deathmatch scene, but was unable to overcome the Tournament of Death winner and King of the Deathmatches. The Ultraviolent Golden Boy nailed Horror a double foot stomp while Horror was sandwiched between two barbed wire boards, which allowed him to get the pinfall in what was definitely the most brutal match in Vendetta Pro Wrestling history.

Winner by Pinfall:
Drake Younger



Tag-Team Flag Match

The Ballard Brothers
Shane & Shannon Ballard
w/ Gold Digger
Representing Canada

Unified Tag-Team Champions
Sunami & Kadin Anthony
w/ Heather Lynn
Representing The United States of America

These two teams will meet for the All Pro Wrestling/Vendetta Pro Wrestling Unified Tag-Team Championships at Terror Rising 2012. This match, however, was all about national pride.
The Ballards made their way to the ring, with Gold Digger as their Flag Bearer. SU/KA then made their way to the ring with Heather Lynn carrying “Old Glory” to the ring.
This match was a variation of the old ‘capture the flag’ game, as a team must take their OWN flag, then stand in the center of the ring and wave it victoriously.
Gold Digger got herself involved in the match, but was then forcefully taken to the back by Heather Lynn. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but a crashing sound could be heard throughout the Colony Park Community Center. Moments later, Heather Lynn re-emerged through the curtain to a round of cheers.
The Ballards are always crafty–meaning, they find new and interesting ways to cheat–and this match was no different. One of the Ballards (they’re identical twins) threw some powder of some type into the face of Sunami, blinding him. Kadin Anthony tried to assist, but ended up taking the F-Su from his own partner who had believed he was one of the Ballards. To make matters worse, he was then verbally assisted to the corner by Heather Lynn–the Ballards corner, to be precise–to collect the Canadian flag! Heather Lynn turned on the USA, and SU/KA in particular! Moments later, Sunami was floored from behind, and the Ballards waved the flag in the center of the ring to win the match.

The Ballard Brothers

After The Match:
Sunami, still blinded and confused, had no idea why the Ballards music was playing and that he had unknowingly assisted the Ballards in winning the match. Nor did he realize that it was Kadin Anthony who was the recipient of the F-Su. After some assistance, Sunami made his way to the back.


Singles Match
“The Male Model”
Kay Jutler

El Scorpio del Combate

Looking to rebound from his loss to “Apostle” Judah Matthew at Summertime Bruise, Scorpio went into ‘combat’ against British competitor Kay Jutler, making his Vendetta Pro Wrestling debut. Jutler recently competed in All Pro Wrestling’s Young Lions Cup Tournament, which also featured Sledge and Tenchismo.
This was a battle of unorthodox styles, at least for an American match. Jutler used his British style which focuses on keeping his opponent grounded, which is exactly what you want to do with a quicker opponent like Scorpio.
We still don’t know much about Scorpio’s background, but from what little we’ve gathered, he’s knowledgable in lucha libre as well as hand-to-hand combat, making him a very difficult competitor to prepare for. Jutler found this out first-hand–or perhaps, foot–as he took the Fatality stomp, allowing Scorpio to pick up the victory.

Winner by Pinfall:
El Scorpio del Combate



Main Event
Singles Match

“The Rock of Love”
Billy Blade

w/ Kevin Divine
Former WWE & TNA Superstar
Brian Kendrick

Coming off of his recent victory over former WWE & TNA Superstar Gangrel The Vampire Warrior, Billy Blade was looking to take on another as he prepares for his upcoming match in Santa Maria against Matt Hardy. This time, it was former WWE World Tag-Team and TNA X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick. However, Kendrick had other ideas. Earlier in the night, he nearly dropped Blade with the Sliced Bread #2. This time, he would actually deliver it… or, would he? While springing off, Kevin Divine knocked Kendrick’s foot off the ropes, making him unable to complete the move. A moment later, Billy Blade would connect with a spinning Diamond Cutter known as the Encore, and then make the pin for the three count.

Winner by Pinfall:
Billy Blade

After The Match:
Suddenly, the lights went out and the video on the TAKTron went crazy. Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s systems had been hacked from an external source!
Backstage, network technicians and production personnel were going crazy, attempting to figure out and correct whatever had happened, but it didn’t take long to learn the source of the hack–Matt Hardy!
Hardy appeared on the TAKTron, sarcastically telling Billy Blade that he looked “like a million bucks out there”, and how he must be preparing for their match on October 27th in Santa Maria (possibly referring to the cheap way he won?). Hardy then went on to say that he’d accept Blade’s challenge to a Ladder Match if Blade would accept his challenge – each man’s hair will be on the line!
A distraught Billy walked to the back, wondering if he should accept and put his “golden locks” on the line in the match. Meanwhile, in the ring, Kendrick took advantage of a distracted Kevin Divine, nailing him with the Sliced Bread #2, to the approval of the crowd in Atascadero.

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