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7/28/2012 – Lompoc, California


Vendetta Pro Wrestling feels the heat at Summertime Bruise


LOMPOC, CA (VP) — The fans of the City of Lompoc have seen numerous Vendetta Pro Wrestling titleholders crowned. Chimaera, now known as Ricardo Rodriguez in World Wrestling Entertainment, won the first Tri-Force Championship in Lompoc back at Melle 2010. Sunami set a Vendetta Pro record, officially defeating Shannon Ballard in 28 seconds for the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Championship back at Reflexion 2012.
This time, the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title was vacant. This meant that a new Champion was guaranteed, as two people who have been making a lot of noise in the world of Professional Wrestling lately would go at it in the ring, and the winner would be crowned Champion.
Chavo Guerrero, Jr. had just made his debut on TNA’s Impact Wrestling on Spike TV. Of course, the third-generation superstar was already well known, having been a World Champion in three different divisions while competing for World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. He’s a competitor who is known worldwide.
Joey Ryan has also been making appearances on TNA’s Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, although only one of them had actually been scheduled. He too has been a World Champion, having held the NWA World Tag-Team Championship. He has competed and has “trended” worldwide.
Now, these two international superstars would descend upon Lompoc for what would be an epic battle for the gold!
But, that’s not all the gold on the line! Sunami & Kadin Anthony would watch as seven teams would attempt to run the gauntlet, with the last remaining team to have a future shot at their Unified APW / Vendetta Pro Tag-Team titles. However, it wasn’t known if SU/KA would walk out of Lompoc as Champions, as they would then defend their Unified titles against Mike Menace and Mario Banks of Parental Discretion.



Return Singles Match
Judah Matthew

El Scorpio del Combate

At Summer Sizzle 2012, El Scorpio del Combate made his Vendetta Pro debut. On that night, Scorpio picked up his first win, defeating Apostle. At Summertime Bruise, it seems that Apostle has learned a bit about his opponent’s unorthodox style. That, combined with his unholy use of underhanded tactics allowed Apostle to steal the win. Perhaps Scorpio would be up for a round three in the future?

Winner by Pinfall:

Judah Matthew


Number One Contendership
for the

Unified Tag-Team Championships
Seven Team
Gauntlet Match

Seven teams entered. One team left as Number One Contenders for the Unified APW / Vendetta Pro Tag-Team titles. The way the match works is that two teams would begin, and the match would continue until six of the seven teams were eliminated by pinfall, submission, countout or disqualification. The last team remaining were declared winners.
Sunami and Kadin Anthony came out to watch the match, as well as to provide commentary on the match for DVD, produced by Highlight Media.
The team of Julian Cash and Kevin Divine began things, taking on the newly-formed team of Ricky Ruffin and Teddy Blair–Rhythm and Moves. Rhythm and Moves survived the first round, but then lost to Creepshow members J.D. Horror and Sledge. Mucha Lucha members Fernando Estrella (sporting an entirely new look) and Elemento were next in, followed by the re-unified team of E.G.O.–A.J. Kirsch & “Nightmare” Nathan Graves. The Suburban Commandos then came in and wrecked E.G.O.’s plans of recapturing the Tag titles. The final team were Shane and Shannon Ballard. The Ballards and The Commandos are two of the elite teams in all of Professional Wrestling, and they battled–both in and outside the ring–for the right to challenge SU/KA for the Unified Tag-Team Championship. In the end, it was the craftiness (or perhaps shadiness) or the Ballards that won them the match. The Commandos have since issued a statement, saying that they’re not done with the Ballards.

Winners and
Number One Contenders:

The Ballard Brothers



Matt Hardy
“Stronger Than Death” Challenge
“The Rock of Love”
Billy Blade


Billy Blade would have to defeat an opponent chosen by Matt Hardy in order for him to get his match with Hardy on October 27 in Santa Maria, Calfornia.
The opponent that Hardy could choose had to be someone from his own past. That person was…

Gangrel The Vampire Warrior

Gangrel came in, surprising not only Blade, but the audience as well. Gangrel was already at an advantage as Blade had no idea who he was facing. Couple this with the fact that Gangrel had nothing to lose, and Blade with everything to gain, and it became immediately clear that the pressure was on for Blade.
Almost immediately, Blade protested, as he said it had to be someone from Hardy’s past. Ring announcer and Commissioner’s Board member Joseph Duncan then reminded Blade about Matt Hardy having been part of the “New Brood”. Duncan also reminded Blade that he had a past with Gangrel, as a member of the stable known as “Bloodline”. This means that Gangrel knows Billy Blade very well inside the ring.
However, this works both ways, and this is something that Billy Blade took advantage of. Blade capitalized on what may be Gangrel’s only weakness–that being easily frustrated. That, combined with Blade’s usual arsenal of stiff kicks, the ‘Unskinny Chop’, and an abunance of underhanded tactics allowed Blade to steal the win in this one. Blade pinned Gangrel, putting his feet up on the second rope out of the official’s view. It seems now that Billy Blade will have his ladder match against Hardy on October 27. Afterwards, Gangrel was clearly upset and he made it known to Duncan at ringside. Duncan assured him that while he had no authority to reverse the official’s decision, that Gangrel would not lose any ranking due to the nature of his loss and that it was a special challenge match.

Winner by Pinfall:
Billy Blade



Singles Match
“The Golden Boy”
Dylan Drake
Former WWE Superstar &
TNA X-Division Champion

Shawn Daivari

In what was originally scheduled to be a match for the Tri-Force Championship, the match had been made into a singles match as Rik Luxury was unable to appear due to circumstances beyond his control. The Vendetta Pro Board of Commissioners were made aware of why Luxury could not appear, and had given Luxury a pass for this title defense. However, Luxury must appear for his next scheduled title defense.
Daivari came in, and one could almost tell that he was expecting this to be an easy night for him. What he got was one hell of a challenge from the former APW Universal Heavyweight Champion, as well as a lesson in why Dylan Drake is considered one of the absolute best competitors on the West Coast and perhaps in all of Professional Wrestling today.
Early on, Daivari seemed surprised at just how good Dylan Drake really is. That said, Daivari is a former TNA X-Division Champion for a reason, and he soon took control of the match. It seemed as if Drake had made a good showing, but now the more experienced competitor was going to win.
Never, ever underestimate Dylan Drake. Several times in the match, it seemed as if he was going to get the “Bay-to-Breaker” Sharpshooter applied–and at one point, he actually did but Daivari was too close to the ropes. Like Daivari, Drake also has several different ways that he can defeat an opponent, and he did so with the High Crossbody off the top rope, getting the three count and making a statement in Vendetta Pro Wrestling.

Winner by Pinfall:
Dylan Drake



Vendetta Vixens Match
K.C. Spinelli
Davina Rose

The Vendetta Vixens were back in action at Summertime Bruise 2012! K.C. Spinelli made her Vendetta Pro debut, and the competitor from “Tanada” was looking to end the undefeated streak of her opponent.
Davina Rose made her way out next. This Vendetta Vixen’s contagious positive energy always spills out into the crowd.
The match began with Spinelli quickly going to the outside, claiming that she “wasn’t ready” and that she never heard the bell ring (which, it had), nearly taking a quick countout. However, when she did enter, she looked very impressive. She also looked and acted extremely cocky, which proved to be her undoing as Davina was able to reverse a maneuver and deliver her own finisher, driving Spinelli’s face into the mat. Just over three seconds later, Davina Rose remained undefeated in Vendetta Pro Wrestling, having defeated three quality opponents in Amber O’Neal, Nikki The New York Knockout and now, K.C. Spinelli.

Winner by Pinfall:
Davina Rose



Tag-Team Match
All Pro Wrestling / Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Unified Tag-Team Championship
Parental Discretion
Mario Banks & Mike Menace
Unified Tag-Team Champions
Sunami & Kadin Anthony

Having already seen who their next opponents might be, Sunami and Kadin Anthony would have to defeat their opponents. Otherwise, THEY would be the ones to defend the Unified Tag-Team Championship against the Ballard Brothers. Mario Banks and Mike Menace had been involved earlier on in the Tag-Team Gauntlet, distracting Creepshow and causing them to be eliminated.
Creepshow then got revenge on them during this match, without even stepping out. With Parental Discretion seemingly in control of the match and ready to take the titles away from SU/KA, Creepshow’s music and entrance video hit. Only… no Creepshow. This momentary distraction was all SU/KA needed in order to take over. Sunami delivered the F-SU, while Kadin Anthony followed up with the Swan-ton Bomb to complete More Bang for your SU/KA… to pick up the win.

Winners by Pinfall
Unified Tag-Team Champions:


After The Match:
Ring announcer Joseph Duncan hadn’t even completed announcing SU/KA as winners and still Champions, when SU/KA had been jumped by the Ballard Brothers. Shane and Shannon Ballard have had quite a history recently with SU/KA, and on this night, the Ballards made a statement by taking out the Champions. Eventually, the Ballards left the ring, with Shane Ballard and Joseph Duncan getting into a bit of an argument and Duncan threatening to strip the Ballards of their top contender status. Once he was able to, Sunami then told Duncan “We WANT the Ballards!” Duncan stated that if they want the Ballards, they will have them–anywhere SU/KA wants it, and any way SU/KA wants it.



Main Event
Singles Match for the VACANT
Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Heavyweight Championship
Former NWA World Tag-Team Champion
“Trending Worldwide”
Joey Ryan
Former WCW, & WWE &
Newly signed TNA Superstar

Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Two men who have been making an “Impact” lately would go at it in this match. One fall, NO time limit, there MUST be a winner.
Chavo had the early advantage in this one, making the talented Joey Ryan look like he didn’t belong in the same ring. However, Chavo would tweak his knee, and that is when Ryan took over. Chavo ended up on the outside, and referee Jay Stone had to check to make sure that Chavo could finish the match. Say what you will about Joey Ryan, he wanted the Vendetta Pro title but he didn’t want it this way. He even held the ropes open for Chavo to get back into the ring. Chavo did so, and as soon as he was back into the ring and in a full, upright position, Joey Ryan immediately went back to the injured knee. Ryan had Chavo positioned to deliver the Mustache Ride, but when he went up for it, Chavo shoved him off. Ryan hit hard on the mat, being knocked out momentarily. This allowed Chavo to deliver the Frog Splash to pick up the victory and make Vendetta Pro Wrestling history.

Winner by Pinfall
and NEW
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion:

Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

After The Match:

Chavo Guerrero took the microphone and told Joey Ryan that he would do everything that he could do to get him onto Impact Wrestling. Time will tell, but even with this loss, Joey Ryan may very well have won. The best result is one in which everybody gains, and that may very well have happened in this match.



Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s next major event will take place on Saturday, September 8 in Bakersfield, California at The Dome. September 2 Remember 2012 will feature the return of the Luna Vachon Memorial Vixens Battle Royal for the Lunacy Cup. Plus, Gangrel, Shelly Martinez, Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. are all scheduled to be in action!



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