Terror Rising 2012 event flyerTerror Rising 2012 Spanish event flyer

10/27/2012 – Santa Maria, California

Plus, somebody got a haircut



SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA (VP) — On October 27, 2012, over 1100 fans jam-packed the Lakeview Jr. High School Gymnasium to see the culmination of events dating back to May, some even longer. Billy Blade made the challenge for a ladder match. Matt Hardy accepted, and upped the ante, wagering the loser’s hair. At Terror Rising 2012, either Billy Blade or Matt Hardy would need to scale the ladder and retrieve the tools, allowing the victor to take the hair of the loser.
SU/KA and The Ballard Brothers have been at each others throats since March, with Sunami and Shannon Ballard going at it since as far back as last December. This battle started over the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, and has since spilled over into the Tag-Team division. However, it’s no longer just about Championship Gold. It has become as personal as personal gets. At Terror Rising 2012, these two would go at it one more time with the All Pro Wrestling/Vendetta Pro Wrestling Unified Tag-Team Championships on the line.
El Scorpio del Combate burst on the scene a few months ago, and has unleashed his special brand of brutality all over Vendetta Pro. Already, he has claimed the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship, beating Sunami and Rik Luxury and taking Luxury’s title. At Terror Rising 2012, he would make his first defense of a title with a mere 33.3% chance of retaining it.
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Jr. would make his first defense of the title, but would do so against three other competitors in a Four-Corners Elimination match. His opponents weren’t exactly bottom of the barrell, either. Former Vendetta Pro Champions “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury and “Sexy” Sean Casey, as well as fellow former WWE Superstar “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters. Chavo, who has since captured one-half of the TNA World Tag-Team titles, would need to put in some work to leave Santa Maria with both belts.
Here are the results from this epic Vendetta pro Wrestling event: Terror Rising 2012!



Opening Match
“Out of Control”
Matt Carlos

Hector Canales

Canales made his Vendetta Pro debut, and fans weren’t really sure what to make of him. At first, he came to the ring dressed like a ‘gangsta’, but fans were in for quite a shock once he removed the bandanna, tank top and short pants to reveal frosted hair and small, tight, pink trunks. Canales controlled most of the first half of the match, but once “Out of Control” became ‘in control’, he didn’t look back, as Matt Carlos nailed the Union Landing to score the three count, sending Canales running away after the bell had rang.

Winner by Pinfall:
Matt Carlos



Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Tri-Force Championship

SoCal Crazy
Lil Cholo
Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Champion

El Scorpio del Combate

This first title defense for Scorpio was not an easy one, as SoCal Crazy has been on the hunt for that Tri-Force belt for quite some time. Lil Cholo, a veteran of the Southern California mat wars, made his Vendetta Pro debut in impressive fashion. This was a match with a quick pace, but Scorpio was able to “finish” the match, nailing the Fatality for the three-count.

Winner by Pinfall
and still
Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Champion:

El Scorpio del Combate

After The Match:
Lil Cholo got on the mic and said that he was celebrating his 14th year in Professional Wrestling on this night, and congratulated SoCal Crazy and Scorpio on an outstanding match. In the end, all three men stood in the center of the ring with hands raised as the crowd applauded their excellent contest.
Singles Match
Nathan Graves

“The Golden Boy”
Dylan Drake

Two former APW Universal Heavyweight titleholders squared off in this one, each looking to climb the ladder towards the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title. Just before the event, the Vendetta Pro Competition Commission had re-instated Nathan Graves to full competition. It was just over a year ago that Graves suffered his first loss in Vendetta Pro, in controversial fashion. However, he had put his Singles eligibility on the line in that match, and therefore, was unable to compete in Singles competition (thus disqualifying him for the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title). With a year having passed and due to the nature of that loss, the Commission allowed Graves to return. Dylan Drake has become a man obsessed with gold–particularly, the gold you would find attached to heavy leather straps, usually in black, that spell out the word “Champion” somewhere on it. His golden robes and gold ring wear signify the one and only thing that matters to him. Drake spent the majority of the match working over the legs of the “Nightmare”, keeping the powerful athlete grounded and unable to capitalize on his strength. Drake finished the match by causing Graves to tap out to the Bay-to-Breaker Sharpshooter, and getting one step closer to the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title. As for Graves, he didn’t look bad in the ring, but he’ll need to shake off some rust to get back into contention.

Winner by Submission:
Dylan Drake



Elimination Tag-Team Match

Team Parental Discretion
The Team Of:
Mario Banks
Mike Menace

“Apostle” Judah Matthew
“Destroyer of Man” Damien Grundy
Kevin Divine

w/ Titus Machiavelli

Team Creepshow
The Team Of:
J.D. Horror

“Metal Head Maniac” Sledge
“Rebel Rouser” Clay Tawzer
Julian Cash
Ricky Ruffin

Two teams of five fight to stay alive as Five-For-Fighting returns to Vendetta Pro. The match continues until all five members of one team have been eliminated by pinfall, submission, countout or disqualification. J.D. Horror was eliminated first, thanks in part to Titus Machiavelli. Horror then immediately went after “The Evil Genius of Professional Wrestling”, who hid behind the timekeeper’s table, using ring announcer Donald DeNoyer and timekeeper Joseph Duncan as human shields. DeNoyer stated that J.D. Horror must leave the ringside area, or Team Creepshow would forfeit the match. Horror then reluctantly agreed, but not before angrily striking himself several times in the head with the ring bell. Divine and Cash were then eliminated in quick succession, with Cash taking a . The ongoing battle between big bruisers Damien Grundy and Clay Tawzer spilled to the outside, and then through the crowd as both men were eliminated by countout. Ricky Ruffin was then eliminated, leaving a three-on-one against Sledge (Four-on-one if you count Machiavelli on the outside). While The Metal Head Maniac fought valiantly, the odds were stacked too high against him, as Menace delivered the Motor City Migrane, followed quickly by the Bankrupt flying elbow drop off the top rope from Banks. Menace made the pin and got the three as Menace, Banks and Apostle were the survivors of Five-For-Fighting.

Team Parental Discretion

After The Match:
Parental Discretion were not finished with Sledge, as they wanted to send a bloody message to Creepshow by nailing Sledge with a steel chair on the outside, busting him open. Menace and Banks then attempted to put him through a table, but were run off by a kendo stick wielding J.D. Horror. Christian Cole, the Commissioner-in-Attendance, then got on the mic and demanded that Horror calm down. He went on to state that at Winter Wonder Slam 2012, Creepshow and Parental Discretion would go at it one more time in a match to settle the conflict between the two factions.
Vendetta Vixens Match
Reby Sky
Amber O’Neal

Special Guest Referee
Shelly Martinez

Amber O’Neal made her return to Vendetta Pro, taking on the debuting Reby Sky. Shelly Martinez made her return to Vendetta Pro, this time in a non-competitive role as she would attempt to officiate this match. She did quite well, actually.
O’Neal got the jump on Reby to begin this match, which featured plenty of athletic competition mixed in with plenty of eye candy–one example being the spanking that O’Neal got from Reby. Another example, depending on your angle, would be O’Neal’s signature “Booty Bop”, which she gave to Reby. Almost immediately after that, Reby kicked O’Neal into referee Shelly, temporarily incapacitating the special guest official and not allowing her to make the count of three after Reby nailed the Twist of Fate onto O’Neal. While Reby tried to revive referee Shelly, O’Neal took the opportunity to use a packet of glitter to blind Reby. This backfired when Reby blew the glitter into O’Neal’s face, then hit a second Twist of Fate, and scored the three.

Winner by Pinfall:
Reby Sky

After The Match:
Billy Blade sinks to a new low, as came into the ring through the crowd, then kicked an unsuspecting Reby Sky, before adding injury-to-insult-to-injury (or something like that) by hitting her with a Twist of Fate. Commissioner Christian Cole immediately got into the ring to confront Billy, who was soon ran off by his opponent later in the evening–and Reby Sky’s boyfriend–Matt Hardy. Hardy then helped Reby to the back. Perhaps Billy saw this as a way to get into his opponent’s head, but all it seemed to have done was add more fuel to an already raging inferno.
Four-Corners Elimination Match
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Sean Casey

“Wrestling Personified”
Rik Luxury

w/ Markus Mac
Former WWE Superstar

“The Masterpiece”
Chris Masters

TNA World Tag-Team &
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion

Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

The “Mystery Opponent” turned out to be none other than “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, who was brought in by the defending Champion. To be fair, with the exception of his defeat at Terror Dome 2012, Masters is undefeated in Vendetta Pro with wins over high-ranked competition like Billy Blade and former Champion Shannon Ballard (his match at Terror Dome 2012, while in a Vendetta Pro ring, is considered an APW match). Thus, he was given an opportunity to capture the Vendetta Pro title.
Two men would begin the match, with the match continuing until three of the four competitors had been eliminated by pinfall, submission, countout or disqualification. The last man remaining would be the winner and the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight titleholder.
Luxury, who got this shot by winning a Battle Royal at Terror Dome 2012 on October 20 in Bakersfield, would be the first person eliminated after taking a Tiger Bomb from Masters.
Casey, the first-ever Vendetta Pro Champion, returned from injury and suspension and cashed in the rematch he had never gotten to get this shot. Unfortunately for Casey, he was eliminated second following a Frog Splash from Guerrero.
This left the two former WWE Superstars in the ring–one, being a current TNA Superstar. Referee Sparkey Ballard got smashed in the corner, during the contest. While he recovered quickly, it did give Masters an opening to nail Guerrero with a blatant Low Blow. Masters then locked in the Masterlock, and while Guerrero tried to fight it off, he was simply unable to do so and forced to submit.

Winner and NEW
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion:

Chris Masters

After The Match:
A frustrated Chavo Guerrero wanted to know why Chris Masters had to resort to the tactics he had. Masters summed it up with “Cheat to Win”–which is a motto the Guerrero’s have been known to live by. Chavo nodded in what seemed as approval, or at the very least, understanding. He then presented Masters with the Vendetta Pro title belt and raised his opponent’s hand in victory…
Then, he nailed Masters with a Low Blow of his own, and then went up and delivered a Frog Splash for good measure. Guerrero then left ringside, taking his TNA World Tag title belt with him. Meanwhile in the ring, Masters looked up at him. First, Masters seemed upset, but then smirked and seemed to have said “ok, you got me.”



All Pro Wrestling / Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Unified Tag-Team Championships

The Ballard Brothers
Shane & Shannon Ballard
w/ Gold Digger

Unified Tag-Team Champions

Sunami & Kadin Anthony

The Ballard Brothers, known as one of the great tag-teams of all-time, are now becoming one of the most controversial. They demanded that SU/KA accept their stipulations of “Canadian Rules”. SU/KA, being the fighting champions that they are, accepted those stipulations… not knowing what they were. Fortunately, the Ballards brought a “Canadian Rule Book” with them.
Within three minutes, Sunami scored a pinfall and thought he had retained the titles for his team. However, the Ballards made it known that “Canadian Rules” stipulate that a five count must be made within the first five minutes. The referee read the rules, and confirmed the stipluation, meaning the match then continued, and soon SU/KA scored a submission. However, the Ballards made it known that the “Canadian Rules” stipulate that a submission can only happen after ten minutes. After the referee checked the rules, he restarted the match a second time. Despite everything, SU/KA controlled the majority of this contest, showing the heart that has made them the top Tag-Team in the State of California. Both Ballards were outside the ring when the referee reached the count of ten and called for the Countout. However, Gold Digger then brought up that under “Canadian Rules”, a countout can only happen after a count of twenty. Once again, the referee confirmed this, and restarted the match for yet a THIRD time!
Gold Digger once again played a role near the end, as she distracted the referee, allowing Sean Casey to come in and nail Sunami with a Superkick while he had one of the Ballards in a Sharpshooter. Casey then draped Ballard’s arm over Sunami and managed to sneak away right before the referee turned around to see the cover. The referee made the count of three, and we have new Champions! SU/KA had been robbed!

Winners by Pinfall
and NEW
Unified Tag-Team Champions:

The Ballard Brothers



Main Event
Hair-vs-Hair Ladder Match

“The Rock of Love”
Billy Blade

Former WWE & TNA Superstar
Matt Hardy

This match has been building since Billy Blade attacked Hardy after their match at Melee 2012. That was when Billy made the challenge for a Ladder Match. Prior to Summertime Bruise, Hardy issued a statement which said that Billy must first complete the “Stronger Than Death” Challenge, in which Billy would have to defeat someone from Hardy’s past. Turns out, it was also someone from Billy’s past–Gangrel The Vampire Warrior. By hook or (mostly) by crook, Billy defeated Gangrel to get the match. However, Hardy then raised the stakes by hacking the TAKTron at September 2 Remember after Billy’s match against Brian Kendrick, and challenging Billy to put his hair on the line.
This was a brutal, hard-hitting contest that left welts, scrapes and bruises on both men. Towards the end, Billy raised the stakes again by introducing a table into the ladder match. But, it was Billy who went through the table as he was knocked off the ladder while battling Hardy to grab the barber’s bag hanging above the ring. Hardy then secured the barber’s bag containing the tools he’d use to remove Billy Blade’s hair.

Matt Hardy

After The Match:
Billy Blade slipped outside the ring, and was about to back out of the deal. Commissioner Christian Cole and a number of referees made sure Billy couldn’t leave, but it wasn’t until Reby Sky came from behind, getting some revenge for the assault on her earlier in the evening by nailing Billy with a low blow. Then, SU/KA threw Billy back into the ring, and together, they got a good chunk of Billy Blade’s hair. Soon, Sean Casey ran in and along with the Ballard Brothers, saved a portion of his partner’s hair. Still, Billy’s look has been noticeably changed. Hardy celebrated with a kiss from Reby and then along with Reby and SU/KA gestured V1 to the crowd.



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