Unlike other Vendetta Pro Wrestling events, this one was a private gathering of wrestlers, managers, staff and their families and friends.

The Vendettys were presented to each winner based on excellence in each category, selected by the Vendetta Pro Wrestling staff from the finalists chosen by you, the Vendetta Pro Wrestling fans. The winners were:


2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Breakout Star of the Year
“The Ace”
Buddy Royal

"The Ace" Buddy Royal



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Event of the Year
The Final Level
Simi Valley, California 11/23/13



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling “WOW” Moment of the Year
Mick Foley
appearing at Casino Royale 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada 4/15/13



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Referee of the Year
Sparkey Ballard

Sparkey Ballard



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Manager/Valet of the Year
“The No Alternate Pink Mink of Professional Wrestling”
Markus Mac

Markus Mac



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Most Hated
The Ballard Brothers
Shane & Shannon Ballard



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Fan Favorite of the Year
Ricky Ruffin



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Special Guest of the Year
The Original “Mr. Wonderful”
Rock Riddle



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Match of the Year
J.D. Horror & “The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge

Sunami & Kadin Anthony

w/ Lady Vayne

September To Remember
Santa Maria, California 9/13/13



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag-Team of the Year
Pink Mink, Inc.
“Magnificent” Matt Carlos & “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury

Pink Mink, Inc.



2013 Vendetta Vixen of the Year
“The Future of Women’s Wrestling”
Hudson Envy



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestler of the Year
Lil Cholo



2013 Vendetta Pro Wrestling MVP of the Year
Christopher “TAK” Clark



In addition, certificates were presented to recent graduates of both the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Kayfabe College in Santa Maria and the All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp in Hayward. Certificates of Appreciation were presented to people who helped make this year’s events possible, and Certificates of Excellence to those who consistently put on outstanding performances on Vendetta Pro Wrestling events. Even a few “gag” awards were handed out by Billy Blade and Rik Luxury.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling would like to thank everyone–staff, wrestlers, sponsors, and of course, the fans–who helped make 2013 truly the “Year of Vendetta”, and we’re looking forward to making 2014 “ANOTHER Year of Vendetta”.


City-to-City, Show-to-Show, This is Pro Wrestling. This Is Vendetta Pro.