Reflexion 2018 Event Poster/Flyer


1/5/2018 – Santa Maria, California

  • Sunami defeated “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Adam Mayhem
    in a Fight for the Right to Fight match for a provisional contract to Vendetta Pro Wrestling. Sunami had to win via a 5 Count.
  • The Honor Society (Sir Samurai, Patrick Fitzpatrick & Daniel Torch) def. “Rockin'” Ricky Ruffin & The Midnight Delight (Billy Blade & Richie Slade)
    in a Six-Man Tag Team Match
  • “Metal Head Maniac” Sledge defeated Marcus Eriks
  • “The Superior Man” Alexander G. Bernard defeated “Outlandish” Zicky Dice
  • Kadin Anthony (w/ Lady Vayne) defeated Shane Ballard and Shannon Ballard
    to retain the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship
  • Vintage Dragon defeated “The Ace” Buddy Royal
  • “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury (w/ Joseph Duncan) def Judas * (w/ Negan Ray) by Disqualification
    to retain the Western States Heavyweight Championship

* “Judas” is the man formerly known as Apostle Judah Mathew, who was assigned his new name inside the ring by Negan Ray.