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May 20, 2016

The NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship was a new title introduced to Vendetta Pro Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance. While this title itself was new, it served as a sort of spiritual successor to the original Western States titles of the late 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, as well as the Western States Heritage Championship promoted by Jim Crockett Promotions and the Western States Heavyweight Championship promoted by Impact Zone Wrestling in Arizona in the mid-2000’s. The title was unified with the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship on September 8, 2017 when Rik Luxury defeated Apostle Judah Mathew in a title-for-title match.

(Title history sources: Wikipedia,, Some records conflict with others.)


Western States Heavyweight Championship (Arizona):

Tito Montez1July 2, 1959El Paso, TexasDefeats Don Arnold in tournament final
Lou Plummer1September 3, 1959El Paso, TexasMontez continues to be recognized as Champion in Arizona
George McKay
1September, 1959
Al Kashey
1September 28, 1959Phoenix, Arizona
George McKay
2November 23, 1959Phoenix, Arizona
Karl Von Stroheim
1December 21, 1959Phoenix, Arizona
Al Kashey
2February 25, 1960Yuma, Arizona
Hooded Wasp1March 21, 1960Phoenix, Arizona
Nelson Royal1April 12, 1960Yuma, Arizona
Red Donovan1May, 1960
Don Arnold1July 25, 1960Phoenix, Arizona
Jim Wright1January 20, 1961Phoenix, Arizona
Don Kindred1April 18, 1961Tucson, Arizona
Tito Montez2May 2, 1961Tucson, Arizona
Title VacantTito Montez vacates the Western States Heavyweight Championship in June, 1961
Don Arnold2July 3, 1961Phoenix, ArizonaWins a tournament final
Tony Olivas1October, 1961
El Gran Lothario1December 4, 1961Phoenix, Arizona
Sputnik Monroe1February, 1962
Title AbandonedAs of April 3, 1962, Sputnik Monroe was still the Western States Heavyweight Champion. No further activity recorded.


NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship (NWA Western States Sports, Amarillo):

Dory Funk, Sr.
11969Replaced the NWA Amarillo North American Heavyweight Championship
Tex McKenzie1November 13, 1969
The Beast1November 24, 1969
Ricky Romero1February 2, 1970Defeats The Beast to be recognized only in El Paso, Texas.
Title VacantTitle Vacated on February 20, 1970 when Romero wins the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship
Terry Funk1March 19, 1970Amarillo, TexasDefeats The Beast in controversial fashion, two referees award the victory to each man.
The Beast2March, 1970Awarded NWA Western States title sometime after March 26, 1970. Defends in Abilene, Texas on March 27, 1970.
Terry Funk2May 7, 1970Amarillo, Texas
Bull Ramos1July 1, 1970Lubbock, Texas
Terry Funk3July 7, 1970Amarillo, Texas
Pak Song1July 16, 1970Amarillo, Texas
Ricky Hunter
1April 14, 1971 Known as The Spartan.
Terry Funk4April 29, 1971
Mr. Wrestling1June 21, 1971
Terry Funk5June 28, 1971Abilene, TexasCiclon Negro may have won the title, defeating Funk on July 6, 1971 in Odessa, Texas only for local recognition. Funk is Champion in Odessa as of August 3, 1971
Ciclón Negro1July 6, 1971Odessa, Texas
Terry Funk6August 3, 1971Odessa, Texas
Pak Song2August 5, 1971Amarillo, Texas
Terry Funk7August 12, 1971Amarillo, Texas
Ciclón Negro2August 26, 1971Amarillo, Texas
Dory Funk2September 9, 1971Amarillo, TexasFunk is injured during match, and is forced to vacate the title.
Ciclón Negro3September 30, 1971Amarillo, TexasDefeats Terry Funk for vacant title.
Lord Alfred Hayes1December 12, 1971Amarillo, Texas
Duke Myers1March 13, 1972Abilene, Texas
Lord Alfred Hayes2March 20, 1972Abilene, Texas
Ciclón Negro4June 13, 1972Odessa, Texas
Lord Alfred Hayes3June 20, 1972Odessa, Texas
Ciclón Negro5June 29, 1972Amarillo, Texas
Lord Alfred Hayes4July 6, 1972Amarillo, Texas
Dory Funk3August 16, 1972Lubbock, Texas
Lord Alfred Hayes5August 21, 1972Abilene, TexasBilled As Champion
Ciclón Negro6October 18, 1972Amarillo, Texas
Terry Funk8November, 1972Clovis, New Mexico (?)Possibly November 12, 1972
Ciclón Negro7July 6, 1973Abilene, Texas
Terry Funk9July 10, 1973
Great Kojika
1October 18, 1973Known as Kung Fu Lee. Title may have been held up following match.
Terry Funk10October 25, 1973Wins rematch?
Buck Robley1February 14, 1974Clovis, New MexicoMay have been held up after this match
Terry Funk11March 3, 1974Clovis, New Mexico
Karl Von Steiger1March, 1974
Bob Backlund1March 9, 1974Amarillo, Texas
Dick Murdoch1May 10, 1974
Bob Backlund2May 22, 1974Lubbock, Texas
Karl Von Steiger2May 23, 1974Amarillo, Texas
Dick Murdoch2May 30, 1974Amarillo, Texas
Title VacantNWA Western States Heavyweight title vacant in July, 1974 after Murdoch wins NWA International title
Siegfried Stanke1July 4, 1974Defeated Akio Sato in Tournament Final
Akio Sato
August 16, 1974
Siegfried Stanke2August 24, 1974
Bob Backlund3September 4, 1974
Killer Karl Kox
1September 10, 1974Odessa, Texas
Bob Backlund4September 11, 1974Lubbock, TexasBacklund billed as Western States Champion
Jim Dillon1September 19, 1974Amarillo, Texas
Terry Funk12October 17, 1974Amarillo, Texas
Title VacantNWA Western States Heavyweight title vacated when Funk left for Florida in 1975
Bobby Jaggers1June 11, 1975Lubbock, TexasDefeats Nick Kozak in Tournament Final
Ray Candy1July 20, 1975Lubbock, Texas
Frank Goodish
1October 17, 1975Lubbock, Texas
Scott Casey1December 18, 1975Amarillo, Texas
Jerry Brisco1April 16, 1976Amarillo, Texas
Scott Casey2August 19, 1976
Tank Patton1October 13, 1976Abilene, Texas
Super Destroyer
1February 24, 1977Amarillo, Texas
Doug Somers1April, 1977
Bull Ramos2November 21, 1977
Ricky Romero3December, 1977
Roger Kirby1April 14, 1978
Ricky Romero4July 21, 1978
Title Vacant
Bob Morgan1February 28, 1980Amarillo, TexasDefeated Larry Lane in tournament final
Larry Lane1March 7, 1980Amarillo, Texas
Title Vacant
Ricky Romero5August 20, 1981Amarillo, TexasDefeated Doug Somers in tournament final
Title VacantNWA Western States Heavyweight title abandoned when NWA Amarillo closed


NWA Western States Heritage Championship (Universal Wrestling Federation/Jim Crockett Promotions/NWA World Championship Wrestling):

Barry Windham
1June 20, 1987Houston, TexasDefeated Black Bart
Larry Zbyszko1January 24, 1988Uniondale, New YorkWon the title at Bunkhouse Stampede
Title AbandonedNWA Western States Heritage title abandoned by World Championship Wrestling following Zbyszko’s departure to the AWA, January 1989


Western States Heavyweight Championship (Impact Zone Wrestling):

Jack Durango1April 4, 2004Scottsdale, ArizonaDefeats Lawrence Tyler in a 3-match series to become first champion. May have been defeated by John Williams on April 6, 2004 in Tempe, Arizona
Lawrence Tyler1July 20, 2004Tempe, ArizonaDefeats Durango and Johnny Love in a three-way match
Peter Goodman1September 14, 2004Tempe, Arizona
GQ Gallo1November 23, 2004Tempe, Arizona
Lil Nate1February 1, 2005Tempe, Arizona
Sheik Samir Hussein1August 2, 2005Tempe, Arizona
Mr. Showtyme1November 22, 2005Tempe, Arizona
Lil Nate2February 14, 2006Tempe, Arizona
Mr. Showtyme2February 14, 2006Tempe, Arizona
Lucha Reigns1April 26, 2006Tempe, Arizona
Peter Goodman2August 15, 2006Tempe, Arizona
Lil Nate3January 16, 2007Tempe, ArizonaTitle unified with the IZW Heavyweight Championship.


NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship (NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling):

Title Re-IntroducedNWA Western States Heavyweight Championship re-introduced as a “new” NWA Championship by Vendetta Pro Wrestling.
Recognition is given to all former Western States Champions (as best as can be verified, some records conflict with others).

Matt Riviera1January 17, 2015Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Brian Kendrick in tournament final
Jeff Jarrett1May 15, 2015King City, California
Matt Riviera2May 17, 2015Chowchilla, California
Ricky Ruffin1October 30, 2015Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Matt Riviera in an Open Challenge match.
Rik Luxury
1May 20, 2016Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Ricky Ruffin in an Open Challenge match. Luxury was ineligible to challenge for Vendetta Pro Wrestling titles. However, the National Wrestling Alliance ruled that he would still be allowed to challenge for “NWA” titles.
TITLE DEACTIVATEDSeptember 8, 2017Santa Maria, CaliforniaChampion Rik Luxury defeated Apostle Judah Mathew for the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, unifying the two titles into the new Vendetta Pro Wrestling Western States Heavyweight title. The title will continue to recognize the above lineage, as well as the lineage of the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title.