Current Reigning
NWA International
Tri-Force Champion
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship
Vintage Dragon - NWA International Tri-Force Champion
Titleholder Since:

February 24, 2017

The NWA International Tri-Force title is one of the more unique titles in Professional Wrestling, as it must always be defended in three person matches. These type of matches are known by different names in different promotions throughout the world of Professional Wrestling, but in Vendetta Pro, they are called “Tri-Force” matches. Although there are exceptions, champions generally compete in single-fall matches, putting the titleholder constantly on the offensive as they have a mere 33.4% chance of successfully retaining the title and can lose it without personally being pinned or forced to submit. It is the only title in the National Wrestling Alliance defended strictly in three person matches. and was granted International title status in January, 2017.


Chimaera1May 23, 2010Lompoc, CaliforniaDefeated Brian Cage & Jason Watts in the final of the Tri-Force Championship tournament. This was an elimination-style match. Watts pinned Cage, then Chimaera pinned Watts.
Title VacantChimaera was forced to relinquish the Tri-Force Championship due to being signed to a Developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. Although no longer in possession of the physical belt, Chimaera would continue to be recognized as Tri-Force Champion until a new Champion could be crowned.

“The Asian Sensation”
Dana Lee

1March 12, 2011Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Jardi Frantz & Ray Rosas for the vacant Tri-Force championship. This was an elimination-style match. Frantz pinned Rosas, then Lee pinned Frantz.
Title VacantDana Lee was forced to relinquish the Tri-Force Championship due to enlisting in the United States Army. Although no longer in possession of the physical belt, Lee would continue to be recognized as Tri-Force Champion until a new Champion could be crowned.

Disco Machine

1September 10, 2011Bakersfield, CaliforniaDefeated Mario Banks & Eric Cross for the vacant Tri-Force championship, pinning Cross.
Title VacantDisco Machine relinquished the Tri-Force Championship upon retiring from Professional Wrestling on January 1, 2012.

“Wrestling Personified”
Rik Luxury

1January 22, 2012Lompoc, CaliforniaDefeated El Chupacabra and Sheik Khan Abadi for the vacant Tri-Force Championship, pinning Chupacabra.

Famous B.

1March 17, 2012Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Rik Luxury and B-Boy, pinning B-Boy.

“Wrestling Personified”
Rik Luxury

2June 13, 2012Atascadero, CaliforniaDefeated Famous B. and Matt Carlos, pinning Matt Carlos.

El Scorpio del Combate

1October 20, 2012Bakersfield, CaliforniaDefeated Rik Luxury and Sunami, pinning Sunami.

Little Cholo

1January 25, 2013Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated El Scorpio del Combate and SoCal Crazy.
SoCal Crazy1June 22, 2013Lompoc, CaliforniaDefeated Lil Cholo and Vintage Dragon.
Little Cholo2September 13, 2013Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Shannon Ballard and SoCal Crazy, pinning Ballard.
Vintage Dragon1May 18, 2014Chowchilla, CaliforniaDefeated Little Cholo and El Mariachi Loco, pinning Cholo.

“The Freak”
Jeckles The Jester

1December 26, 2014Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Vintage Dragon and El Mariachi Loco, pinning Vintage.


1August 8, 2015Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Jeckles The Jester and El Chupacabra, pinning Jeckles. Recognized as Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s first-ever Grand Slam Champion.

“California Black Sheep”
Mike Rayne

1January 8, 2016Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Sunami and Apostle Judah Mathew, pinning Apostle following outside interference from thugs of Cen-Cal Pro Wrestling.

“The Game Changer”
Greg Hernandez

1July 29, 2016Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Mike Rayne and Will Roberts in a Tri-Force Elimination match, pinning Roberts last. Named NWA International Tri-Force Champion on January 3, 2017.

Vintage Dragon

2February 24, 2017Santa Maria, CaliforniaDefeated Greg Hernandez and Mike Rayne.