Vendetta Pro Wrestling recently celebrated seven years of hard-hitting, high-flying and exciting professional wrestling action on the California Central Coast (even more if you include the California Wrestling Alliance and APW Central Coast)!

With this celebration came two championship title changes.

First, the NWA World Tri-Force Championship. Mike Rayne has maintained his reign since January, fending off many different challengers. The two challengers he’s ran into the most, however, have been “The Real Deal” Will Roberts and “The Game Changer” Greg Hernandez. Both men have come very close to taking the Tri-Force title from Rayne on a number of occasions. The personal rivalry that started between Hernandez and Rayne grew to include Roberts, who has come oh so close to taking the Tri-Force title. To celebrate our seventh anniversary, Vendetta Pro Wrestling decided to go “old school” and hold a Tri-Force Elimination Match for the title. This would be the last opportunity Roberts and Hernandez would have at Mike Rayne, and they did not waste it as the defending Champion was the first to be eliminated–all but guaranteeing a new Champion, which would be the case as Hernandez defeated Roberts to become the new NWA Tri-Force Champion of the World!


The second was the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately, despite his claims of being “OK” and “ready to go”, Cyanide Von Doom was not medically cleared to compete due to his recent lower leg injury. Vintage Dragon was still eligible, but needed to either find a suitable replacement partner, or be prepared to defend the titles alone. While The Twisted Sisterz, The Ballard Brothers and the “team” of Alexander G. Bernard and his “partner” Jimi Mayhem all came out to ringside to compete, Dragon was searching to find someone who could attempt to fill Cyanide’s spot. Luckily, he found Espiritu, who was on stand-by. Unfortunately for Dragon, the Four-Corners Tag Team Match broke down into chaos, which Alexander G. Bernard capitalized on. Thunder Rosa of The Twisted Sisterz had Mayhem fading from a Sleeper–and claims that he tapped out–but referee D.C. Brown counted Bernard’s pin on Shannon Ballard, winning the NWA Western States Tag Team titles for himself and Mayhem.


The Central Coast Civil War has raged on for the better part of two years between Vendetta Pro Wrestling and the upstart Cen-Cal Professional Wrestling. The root of this war has been personal issues between Billy Blade of Vendetta Pro and Sledge of Cen-Cal Pro. Blade founded Vendetta Pro Wrestling in 2009 in Santa Maria, California, and went on to open a school originally named the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Training Academy before taking the name Vendetta Pro Wrestling Kayfabe College (with permission from The Ballard Brothers, who have ran The Ballard Brothers Kayfabe College for several years). This training school has seen virtually all of the members involved in this Central Coast War come through it. Two years ago at Vendettaversary V, Sledge shocked everyone by announcing his departure from Vendetta Pro, following a now-infamous match against J.D. Horror in which he was nearly too impaired to compete. Months later, Vendetta Pro Wrestling learned about the debut event of Cen-Cal Professional Wrestling in San Luis Obispo, less than an hour away from the home base of Vendetta Pro. When asked if they had heard of Cen-Cal, only then did people such as Diskord who while known as a manager in the ring was at the time still training at Kayfabe College and Jimmy Ray who was a member of Vendetta Pro’s Media Team then let Vendetta Pro know that they had formed their own company. It wasn’t long after that when a controversial release of a video of the incident that took place at Vendettaversary V was distributed, causing a number of Vendetta Pro stars to leave. This was the start of the Central Coast Cold War.
Following a number of back-and-forth legal (and legal-ish) happenings outside of the ring between the two companies, Cen-Cal returned to Vendetta Pro by trespassing and assaulting Billy Blade, causing the Central Coast Cold War to go hot. After a few other potentially criminal invasions by Cen-Cal, and a retaliation by Billy Blade at Cen-Cal, the two companies agreed to settle things inside the ring. Both organizations traded victories, ironically seeing the “home team” in each city losing more than their fair share of the matches to the other side. Vendettaversary VII was supposed to see the end of this war in what was labelled the “Vendetta Vindication Steel Cage Match” contested as a War Games style match. The war was supposed to end where it initially began.
Cen-Cal Professional Wrestling won. Billy Blade says the war isn’t over. At September To Remember VII, Billy Blade will take on Sledge in a Falls Count Anywhere “I Quit” Match. Sunami, the former Vendetta Pro Grand Slam Champion turned Cen-Cal Pro loyalist, will team up with Creepshow member J.D. Horror to take on the team of Kadin Anthony and Richie Slade. Both Kadin and Richie are Tag Team partners with Billy Blade, while Sunami is the Brother of Kadin Anthony. The “War” may be over–depending on who you ask–but the personal animosity between all parties involved is far from extinguished.