Holidead and Thunder Rosa walked into the legendary Korakuen Hall in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan to compete at the Stardom Year End Climax as the NWA Western States Tag Team Champions. Their opponents were Momo Watanabe & HZK of Queen’s Quest.

Twisted Sisterz walked out of Korakuen Hall, still NWA Western States Tag Team Champions!

And now, it is set that when they return to Santa Maria, California on January 6, 2017, they will defend against Shane & Shannon, The Ballard Brothers.

However, while it is known they will defend the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship, will the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship be at stake? According to Vendetta Pro Wrestling Commissioner Joseph Duncan, “…stay tuned”.

In addition to the Twisted Sisterz victory to retain their titles, Yoko Bito & Kairi Hojo defeated the Oedo Tai team of Kyoko Kimura & Kagetsu for the Goddesses of Stardom Tag Team titles, while Queen’s Quest’s Io Shirai successfully retained the World of Stardom Championship against former Thunder Rock ally Mayu Iwatani. In addition to Cheerleader Melissa, Shirai, Iwatani and Hojo all competed in a Stardom Tag Team match as part of Vendetta Pro’s Casino Royale event earlier in the year at the Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling has been happy to work with World Wonder Ring Stardom, and we hope to be able to again in the future.
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