Monday, February 13, 2017, National Wrestling Alliance Director of Operations James Beard announced that the NWA International Tag Team Championship will be held in escrow by the National Wrestling Alliance until a date in which The Ballard Brothers and Twisted Sisterz can have a “fair and equitable” match sanctioned for the titles.


This decision was reached in response to the actions of Vendetta Pro Wrestling Commissioner Joseph Duncan, who acted as the official in the Tag Team Championship match at Reflexion following the inadvertent incapacitation of NWA Official D.C. Brown. Duncan made a rapid three count, essentially handing the NWA International Tag Team Championship to Shane and Shannon Ballard. Immediately following the contest, it became clear that Duncan had been working with The Ballards, along with Rik Luxury and Judah Mathew in an effort to secure control of all of the Championship Titles in Vendetta Pro Wrestling. The decision to “hold up” the titles means that Shane & Shannon Ballard have not been recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance as the NWA International Tag Team Champions, but simultaneously, the Twisted Sisterz are also not the NWA International Tag Team Champions. In effect, the title is temporarily vacant.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling has already sanctioned a return bout for the essentially vacated titles at it’s upcoming event on February 24, “Februtality”, at the Radisson Hotel Santa Maria–“Radisson Square Garden”–in Santa Maria, California. The match on January 6 was the third title defense overall for the Twisted Sisterz, as they won the then-NWA Western States Tag Team Championship back in September, 2016 at September To Remember VII, The titles were recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance as NWA International Tag Team titles following the successful title defense by the Twisted Sisterz in Japan at World Wonder Ring Stardom. The January 6, 2017 match was their first title defense under the new “International” Tag Team Championship sanction.