Friday, October 13, 2017 was not only a day of chills and thrills at Terror Rising 2017: Friday The 13th!

The Vendetta Pro Wrestling Board of Directors, having had enough of the power-mad Commissioner Joseph Duncan, announced that even though it was not within their power to remove Duncan from his Office, that they did have the authority to appoint a second Commissioner to balance the playing field against The Conglomerate.

It was back at Reflexion 2017 that Commissioner Duncan revealed that the long-rumored “secret hand” of Professional Wrestling was in fact a reality. This order, known as The Conglomerate, had been a sort of shadow government ruling Vendetta Pro Wrestling–and potentially many top organizations within the sport–for several years. As Duncan put it, “The Conglomerate has existed since the dawn of the Professional Wrestling business” acting as the true guiding force, using front organizations such as the National Wrestling Alliance and others for decades to control where the business was going, but over the last decade, The Conglomerate’s influence has slipped, and as such, business has declined for Professional Wrestling.

Duncan revealed that he has been working in tandem with Rik Luxury and The Ballard Brothers since before 2013 when Duncan was made the full Commissioner of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, which has led to Luxury remaining constantly near and frequently at the top of Vendetta Pro Wrestling with the Ballard Brothers maintaining a controlling spot in the Tag Team ranks.

Duncan was not present at Terror Rising 2017, as he was reportedly finalizing the re-establishment of relations with Local, State, Federal and International committees for the legal sanctioning of Professional Wrestling. Duncan, as well as Commissioner Christian Cole before him, had previously had dealt with these committees prior to joining the National Wrestling Alliance in 2014, when the NWA began handling these transactions.

Conglomerate members Apostle Judah Mathew, Shane Ballard, Shannon Ballard and Western States Heavyweight Champion Rik Luxury were in the ring, celebrating the fact that since Vendetta Pro Wrestling is no longer a licensed member of the National Wrestling Alliance, that “The Voice” Donovan Troi would no longer be a threat and that they were in complete control of Vendetta Pro.

Enter Donovan Troi.

The NEW Co-Commissioner of Vendetta Pro Wrestling.

As of 9:00am Friday, October 13, 2017, Donovan Troi will share the authority and the responsibility of the Office of the Commissioner of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, equally with Joseph Duncan.

Needless to say, The Conglomerate are not happy with this turn of events. Commissioner Joseph Duncan has not returned calls for comment.