On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, it was announced that Vendetta Pro Wrestling had accepted an invitation to join the world’s oldest and largest sanctioning body of Professional Wrestling, the legendary National Wrestling Alliance.

For three years, Vendetta Pro Wrestling has been one of the NWA’s top promotions, with it’s own Tag Team Championship being defended Internationally, while also promoting the NWA’s only three-way match championship in it’s 69-year history, the NWA International Tri-Force Championship.

Prior to the NWA meeting in Las Vegas earlier this year, it had been announced that the National Wrestling Alliance had been purchased by Billy Corgan, known best as the lead vocalist of the rock band, Smashing Pumpkins, but also a fan of Professional Wrestling with a history in the business. It was clear that there would be a change in the way the NWA would do business in the future.

As of October 1st, 2017 at 12:01am, Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s license with the National Wrestling Alliance has expired. Vendetta Pro Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance have amicably and mutually agreed to part ways. As such, Vendetta Pro Wrestling is no longer a member of the National Wrestling Alliance and is once again an Independent promotion.

Effective immediately, all NWA Sanctioned Championships controlled by Vendetta Pro Wrestling are vacant and deactivated. As such:

Kadin Anthony has been stripped of the NWA International Tri-Force Championship.
Kadin Anthony retains the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship.

Billy Blade and Richie Slade have been stripped of the NWA International Tag Team Championship.
Billy Blade and Richie Slade retain the Vendetta Pro Wrestling International Tag Team Championship.

Rik Luxury has been stripped of the NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship.
Rik Luxury retains the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Western States Heavyweight Championship.

Control of all NWA Sanctioned titles, including the previously deactivated NWA Western States Tag Team and NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Championships, have been returned to the National Wrestling Alliance. Vendetta Pro Wrestling retains control of the previously deactivated Vendetta Pro Wrestling Underground Championship.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling will continue to acknowledge the NWA World Heavyweight, NWA North American Heavyweight, NWA National Heavyweight, NWA World Junior Heavyweight, NWA World Women’s and NWA World Tag Team Championships. However, none of these titles will have any direct bearing on Vendetta Pro Wrestling unless held by a Vendetta Pro Wrestling contracted wrestler.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s next event, “Terror Rising: Friday The 13th” will take place on Friday, October 13, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel Santa Maria in Santa Maria, California. This event, and all future events for the forseeable future, will be sanctioned locally by Vendetta Pro Wrestling, and will not be sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling would like to thank the National Wrestling Alliance for it’s three-year relationship of which each organization saw mutual benefit, and Vendetta Pro remains open to the possibility of business with the NWA in the future.