At Vendettaversary, all titles sanctioned by Vendetta Pro Wrestling (and a few non-Vendetta Pro titles) were at stake. Three Vendetta Pro titles (and one non-Vendetta Pro title) changed hands.


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Alexander G. Bernard put his Vendetta Pro Underground title on the line in an open challenge. However, he refused to accept the challenges of Ricky Ruffin, T-Lo the Insano and “Apostle” Judah Mathew who all answered the challenge. To rectify the situation, Commissioner Joseph Duncan made it a Four-Way Elimination match, forcing Bernard to defend his title against all four men who answered the challenge. Although Bernard outlasted T-Lo and Apostle, he fell victim to the Ruffhouse which allowed Ricky Ruffin to reclaim the Underground Championship!

The NWA Tri-Force Championship was at stake as Jeckles The Jester defended against Sunami and the returning El Chupacabra. The odds of the defending Champion retaining the Tri-Force title are not good; a mere 33.4 percent. As such, the fact that the last few Tri-Force titleholders had managed to retain their title for as long as they had speaks volumes to just how good they are inside the ring. However, former Vendetta Pro Heavyweight, Tag Team and Underground Champion Sunami had destiny on his side, as he completed the “Grand Slam” by winning the NWA Tri-Force Championship. The NWA Western States Heavyweight title is the only title Sunami needs to complete the “Ace”.


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Speaking of “Ace”, “The Ace” Buddy Royal and “Unorthodox” Levi Shapiro–The Classic Connection–managed to work their way into the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship match at Vendettaversary. Originally, the match was scheduled to be a rubber match between The Von Dooms and The Ballard Brothers. In order to get into the match, The Classic Connection went all in, wagering the three separate tag team titles they were holding: Full Contact Wrestling-Los Angeles, Pro Championship Wrestling, and All Pro Wrestling Universal Tag Team titles. Their only request was that The Von Dooms put their Apex Pro Tag Team title on the line, which they agreed to. Suddenly, The Ballards went from having everything to lose, to having plenty to gain as while their NWA Western States Tag Team title was still at stake, they could actually win four other titles. The Classic Connection, who brought their manager “The Voice” Donovan Troi (THE VOICE!) with them, had the most to lose, but in the end, won it all as they not only retained their FCW-LA, PCW and APW Universal Tag Team titles, they also won the Apex Pro and the NWA Western States Tag Team titles!

With the three title changes, two titles stayed with their holders.

“Loverboy” Matt Riviera retained his NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship, defeating Carlito using his typical underhanded tactics outside of the view of the official. Following the match, Carlito delighted the fans by striking the less-than-popular NWA official Ivan Zans.


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Number One Contender “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman got his shot at the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title after being given a leave of absence, supposedly to get some treatment for psychological issues. Not only has his treatment seemed to have little to no effect, but he came back seeming to be far more psychopathic than before–or perhaps, it was a psychological ruse on his part to get inside the head of his opponent and the official as Bateman is known to be as brilliant as he is brutal. Either way, after another hard-fought match, Little Cholo once again managed to retain his Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title and establish himself as the longest-reigning Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion of all time for a single title reign, passing the previous record set by the first-ever Champion, “Sexy” Sean Casey, at 372 days. Although Billy Blade holds the record for longest total reign at 398 days over two reigns as Champion, Little Cholo will pass that mark before his next title match is scheduled–possibly in September. Combine these stats with Cholo’s Tri-Force title records–395 days total combined and 247 days in his second reign, both records–and it is safe to say that Little Cholo is the greatest Vendetta Pro Wrestling Champion ever.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In addition to the title matches, La Rosa Negra retained her position as Number One Contender to the NWA Women’s World Championship, defeating Raze in a battle of Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup winners. Raze won the 2014 Lunacy Cup at September To Remember V, while La Rosa won the 2015 Lunacy Cup at Casino Royale.

Billy Blade defeated Rik Luxury in a non-sanctioned Street Fight match with Bellator MMA fighter and former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion King Mo Lawal as the Official Special Enforcer. Although no titles were on the line, Luxury lost a good deal of his hair. Following the contest, Luxury struck NWA official D.C. Brown, earning himself a 90-day suspension from Vendetta Pro Wrestling and any National Wrestling Alliance sanctioned promotion.

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